Autumn Tenugui "Afternoon of the Witches"

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明日手帖 逛设计馆

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Autumn Tenugui "Afternoon of the Witches"


Witch studies research in the morning, magical practice at night.
Come to a liberty if you eat lunch.

It is hand clothes hand toweling by die dyeing.
Since it is dyed one by one by hand,
The way they appear is different.
There are front and back for manual printing, and the color density is slightly different.

Cotton fabric uses nonfluorescent fabric.
For that reason small dots like black lint are seen,
Compared to commercial tobacco, whiteness is modest.

The size is about 90 cm × 36 cm.
The edge is left uncut to be dirty.
If the thread has become frayed etc, you can cut it each time
It is clean and can be used for a long time.

Tenugui dough uses a type called Oka, which is rather rather a thin fabric of fine threads, but it is a fabric that can be enjoyed seasonally irrespective of the seasons as well because of the touch.
It is a nonfluorescent natural white background towel.

Tenugui is used only for a long time and its comfort is wonderful.
In the hot springs, washing the body, wrapping around the head and wiping the body, it is a big success.
Sucking away sweat immediately when going out, it is also quick to dry.
I will not take up space to carry around.
Wearing it from the head on sunny days,
Try rolling around the neck a little when it is cold.
Please try to soak in the bathtub with Tenugu by all means when using it in your home bath.
When dyed it is exposed to water many times one by one in order to drop color glue,
Tenugui swinging in the water at that time is beautiful.
Recommended for gifts and for yourself is towel.

* I am steaming in the dyeing process and exposing it to water.
After dyed it wash well with water,
Color stopping processing is done so as not to fade away immediately,
I was selling iron after washing and I have sent.
Because it is all hand work, please acknowledge some distortion and blurring, fray and wrinkles.

I think whether laundry is normal but there is a possibility of discoloration and color transfer.
Particularly in laundry detergents containing fluorescent bleaching agents, it may be discolored.
I recommend hand washing as I think whether washing with soap etc. is a problem.


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