Beautiful green color of the natural stone chrysoprase and Peridot Earrings

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bluewaters 逛设计馆

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Beautiful green color of the natural stone chrysoprase and Peridot Earrings


Pierced of fresh image that combines the green of the natural stone we work.

Chrysoprase is greenly refreshing a kind of chalcedony = chalcedony
Muscat green color is a beautiful stone features.

This stone is promoting hope, pull out the talent you have, and enhance the imagination
It is said.
In addition, the psychological will be to bring stability to the spirit there is a sedative effect.

Or not Fumidase a quite a step to have dreams and goals, or not able to have courage
That someone to be a reassuring view when giving up just in case it has occurred for the future
Independently What is the stone of the perfect for those who start a business.

Chrysoprase is a stone with hidden power of youth and advancing.
I'll have settled down mind just are looking youthful fresh green.

Peridot is bright lime green color of natural stone.
There is also in the August birthstone.
In ancient Egypt it has been revered as the "sun stone".
In any difficult situation, in light with the light of bright hope, the negative energy
It is said to give us a positive to live will hope bright removed.

Also peridot is about having a jewel word "couple of well-being", the bonds of the husband and wife or lover
Strengthened, also it is said that will protect the happiness of two people forever.

Swaying earrings beautiful green color of the two colors.
Just by wearing seems to me led to the positive power.

Silver 925

Size vertical about 1.1cm width of about 0.5cm
Size diameter of about 0.5cm
Silver table height of about 0.4cm
Earrings length about 2.4cm

When packing weight: 100g

[Notes at the time of the shopping]

Stone you are using will be delivered in pristine condition is also natural because crack inclusions like.
Please understand that, but there is also that there is such as some of the cracks in terms of here.
In advance so there is what that change is a slight impression and the real thing by the reflection of light or the like
Please note.
In addition, the performance of the monitor that is to the customer's use,
There are times when the color of the image may look slightly different from the real thing.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a question.
Origin / production method
Origin Bali handmade


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