[Limited Items] Floral Pattern Resort One Piece Dress

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[Limited Items] Floral Pattern Resort One Piece Dress


Flower pattern print is very cute Adult resort one-piece dress!

We are using a supple high quality rayon fabric, so the touch is very good.
It is a perfect material for the hot season and it is hot.

It is very nice as a feminine stone and a silhouette that feels like a rayon material.
It is a cute dress that you admire for adult women without becoming too sweet.

The point of this one piece dress is a shoulder strap!
It is very cute becoming an accent of a one-piece dress with a design knitting a string.
In addition, the button is attached to the back, it is easy to detachably.

Also easy to match cardigan etc so you can wear it even if you are not good at showing skin when wearing it together.

It goes well with resorts as well as garden parties as well.

It is also very recommended as maternity wear!

Since this will be a limited quantity product, since there is no resale in the case of out of stock
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

This one-piece dress that I am also hebirote because it's comfortable to wear!
Because it is comfortable to wear because it is comfortable, because it is a silhouette with a feeling of falling, the part which is worrisome is hidden and it is a reputed design to look down and look thin!
It is a one push dress this year.
Please be sure to get this opportunity as it is limited quantity.

【Product Details】
Size: Free size (S ~ L size)

【Flat size】
Bust about 40 cm
Length approximately 101 cm

Material: Rayon 100%

Lining: None

Elasticity: None

Sense of sheer: almost without

Packing weight: 300 g

【Precautions for purchase】

● Because it is a product that is hand-dyed / printed one by one, there may be some bleeding, print missing.
Although the color tone may be slightly different, I will be happy if you can understand this as a handmade taste as it is dyed by hand one by one.

● Depending on the performance of the monitor you are using, the color of the image may look slightly different from the actual one.

● Since this item is a dyed item, there is a fear of falling color. For the first time we recommend washing alone for discoloration confirmation.

● For each piece of handmade products, please note that the size you are notating may have an error of 1 to 2 cm.
Production area / production method
Bali Handmade Origin


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