Wish! Delivered ⌒ ☆ Amitabha customers POST [2]


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  • Wish! Delivered ⌒ ☆ Amitabha customers POST [2]

    Is in the Amida-like body, it become hollow
    You can put such wishes and letters in.

    ☆ ━━━ use of Amitabha clients POST ━━━ ☆

    I wrote a New Year's resolutions ★, !! swear to Amida customers so as to achieve
    ★ wrote the dream, goals and wishes, do our best to come true, remembrance so that it can fulfill !!
    ★ pray for the peace of the world !!
    ★ Amitabha customers like, write a letter to that person !!
    ★ now writing a letter to the person who became a late care, !! to get delivered to heaven to Amitabha like
    ★ wrote a letter to the deceased person, convey the feelings put the Amitabha like in the coffin of the deceased person at the time of the funeral!

    ... etc., please tell your feelings to Amida clients.

    · Height of Amida-like, is about 7.7cm
    - and painted wood, it finished with a varnish of glossy
    - Amitabha-like face and body part (neck) is because it is bonded, it does not have the face
    , Body and be sure to open with
    Size of the paper, about 3.5cm × 10cm is, (please try to adjust) just is nice
    • The paper wrapped round and round, and put to medium
    And paper are not included, so please prepare
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Wish! Delivered ⌒ ☆ Amitabha customers POST [2]

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