Suzuran Ears Seasonal Limited

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It is a seasonal limited work. Please purchase early!


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Suzuran Ears Seasonal Limited


This is a seasonal work. It is the flower of the flower that I made for the first time. It took a lot of time to create this work. I thought that I could not make it with dip art, but I finally got it for a year and a half. I used a number of white wires and formed them into the shape of a rose. In dip art, it is most difficult to make small and detailed works, but it has become a form somehow. Because it is impossible to produce in large quantities, please purchase early as it is limited in quantity. The bracket is in silver color. The material is plated with earrings and earrings. If you are allergic, please choose resin piercing. ・ About handling ・ ○ As we use thin wire, it is made very delicately. Please kindly handle it with care. Please note that if you break the wire strongly, it will break. ○ When wearing, please do not touch the flower part as much as possible. ○ In the case of shipment, we are careful about packing, but may be damaged during delivery in rare cases. We apologize, but please note that we can not take responsibility for damage after shipment. ○ For a pleasant deal, please cooperate !! ︎ Once you understand the taste of handmade handmade, please purchase with no claim and no return. ・ About delivery ・ ○ The estimated shipping date is 5 days, but may be around for event participation or preparation. Please read to the person who is always ordered. ○ Overseas, we will deliver by e-packet or EMS. It will be the shipping cost including the box and packing price! There is a tracking function. About 6 days for arrival in e-packets. EMS takes about 3 days to arrive. About bubble There are some bubbles, but there is no problem with the durability of the work itself. We will remove air bubbles as much as possible, but for handmade it would be appreciated if you accept it. Acupuncture and earring mistakes You have to resend (round-trip shipping fee), and you will be charged the change fee plus 1000 yen for the shipping fee. Also, please note that some works may not be exchangeable. Damage and tear of the spikelet part It is difficult to make all the same color. If it can not be repaired, it will be a different color. For those who were lost I have refused to produce only one side. Since everything is made by hand, we can not make a lot of works. As above, please purchase after accepting the above contents. Thank you. # 2019 new earring # Dip art # American Flower # Pink earring # Transparent earring # Flower piercing # Blue piercing # Purple Flower Earpiece # Swarovski #Suzuran Ear Ornament # Suzuran


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