【Pajour】 (navy) Iznik tile pattern notebook type smartphone case 【iPhone】 【notebook】 [tile pattern]

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pajour 逛设计馆

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【Pajour】 (navy) Iznik tile pattern notebook type smartphone case 【iPhone】 【notebook】 [tile pattern]


Tile patterns with a lot of requests were added to Pearl.
Iznik tile pattern was imaged with watercolor paint.

Adults Iznik tile pattern of cute navy The background of the base is finished in an ivory with items. The pattern looks like Pazuru Adults are cute and vivid and drawn faithfully.

It is finished in a tile pattern with flowers and goods that you can use it smoothly in various scenes. A bold gold pearl vieju directs an adult woman to the flip top.

It protects important smartphone case from impact and scratches with cover material with good touch. In addition, a hard case is provided inside, and the main body is firmly fixed.

It can be used as a stand when turning back on the back so it is convenient for watching movies.
Ideal for preventing falling Pearl × Swarovski with fringe strap and strap hole.

Inside the card pocket and iC card holder have the best side pocket for your wallet.
※ The picture will be an image photo of iPhone6. Since the number of card slots varies depending on the model, please consider after consent.
Please understand beforehand that the color of the inner case can not be selected.

● Material

Case material (color leather) / half 2 mm pearl (※ 77 pieces)

Flip top part: high quality Class A glass stone × pearl
Tassel parts: leather, freshwater pearl, Swarovski

· IPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 5 / 5s / SE
· IPhone 8plus, iPhone 7Plus, iPhone6Plus / iPhone6sPlus (+ 500 yen)

◆ About the size of Android phone ◆
Since the shape of the android terminal differs depending on the model and carrier, a re-peeling seal (a sticker with constant adhesion that can be attached and detached many times * the fifth green part of the photo)
How to paste the body with.

· Android S size within 133 mm in height × width of 65 mm or less
· Android M size within 150 mm vertical x width 80 mm
· Android L size (+ 500 yen) within 165 mm in length × within 85 mm in side
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade


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越南US$ 8.73US$ 4.37
中国大陆US$ 8.73US$ 4.37
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香港US$ 8.73US$ 4.37
南韩US$ 8.73US$ 4.37


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