Linen knit women / S long sleeve pullover pink

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Linen knit women / S long sleeve pullover pink


Introducing socks, linen knit that was popular. Linen's knitting (knitting) technology, which is also unusual worldwide, is a technology that kenland company in Yamagata prefecture, which originally continued to manufacture collection brand knit products mainly wool, has completed research. Although weave of linen is as much as Pint! Treat as before, linen knit is hardly seen. This is a long sleeve pullover of linen knit. Material is 100% linen. Even if you say linen, because it is a knit organization, lightness and softness that wraps the body softly is a new sensation. Not a sharp sharp knit knit, but soft knitted yarn of fine count is pleasant. Because it is duplex, it is hard to see through and is comfortable to be wrapped softly. I use European linen and we are knitting one by one in time in Yamagata. By using a single yarn, which is not twisted, we are sticking to it from the raw materials, so that the properties of the linen thread itself will come out more. Originally the technology of the company that was doing the knit production of the collection brand was made use of, and we are doing very high level manufacturing. Because it is duplex, it is structured to fit gently to the body without being transparent. Although linen has a hard and stiff image, it is a case of weaving organization. If it is knit, elasticity is born on the structure called knit. There is a sense that it adapts to the shape of the body to wear it if you wear it. Because it is a knit, it will grow a little if you wear it for a day, but when you wash it it will shrink tightly through the water. At that time, it seems to become familiar with your own body. Elasticated shoulder and elbow, where the load is applied, is loose, and the place where it does not touch is an image to be tightened. Since you can wash at home, wear it and continue washing, the shape will fit the body. (The laundry method is announced at the bottom.) There are no special precautions other than using the net.) As I keep on wearing, the material becomes smoother and soft and grows up. The feeling that familiarity grows to wear is comfortable and fun. This linen knit pullover is very much more likely to become a repeater once you wear it. I would like to try it by all means. 【size】 Women's size S (also available for men) (Exact size size) S size: Length 57 cm, Shoulder width 32 cm, Width 37 cm, Sleeve length 51 cm M size: Length 60 cm, Shoulder width 34 cm, Width 39 cm, Sleeve length 53 cm L size: Length 63 cm, Shoulder width 36 cm, Width 41 cm, Sleeve length 55 cm · Since we are using natural materials, the length etc are slightly different depending on the product. 【Color】 Pink (There are many other colors) Material Linen 100% 【About washing】 I would recommend washing the washing machine because it is more uniformly loaded than hand washing. To prevent stuck, please use laundry net. Every time you wash the knitted fabric, softness gradually comes out. Linen is a separating fiber, so I get rushed out at first, but there is no problem. Please pass me the waste that came out.


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Linen's knitting (knitting) technology, which is also unusual worldwide, is a technology that kenland company in Yam


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