Luo cloth hemp tank top white ladies

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It is underwear of Luo cloth hemp (lahuma) by Kenland company of linen knit. You can wear it all season, but it is also



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Luo cloth hemp tank top white ladies


It is underwear of Luo cloth hemp (lahuma) by Kenland company of linen knit. There are many people who have heard it for the first time as Luo Fabric (Rahuma). It is a plant originating in China, and as a Chinese herbal medicine in China, it is commonly used as tea leaves. If you like tea, the raw material of what is being introduced as "Yan Long Tea" is this Luo cloth. It is said that it is one of the few plants recognized as "medicine" in China. It is said that there are various utilities such as raising immunity power. This Luo cloth is used not only for drinking but also as a fiber. It is rare in Japan, but by matching Luo cloth hemp and cotton you can wear it with a very smooth touch, so we have found possibilities as clothes. Linen is a material with a sense of sharpness to some extent, but Luo cloth combined with cotton feels very smooth. Although the thread is using medium thickness, the fabric itself is a touch feeling that drape will be applied. Efficacy seems to have various experiments and verification results during the research period etc, but we will introduce the goodness you can feel not only as health clothing but also actually worn. It is said that the fiber itself of Luo cloth hemp has far infrared effect. Alongside the innerwear of linen wool, I think that this Luo cloth hemp tank top can be worn as a natural material, especially innerwear with comfortable linen. You can wear it all season, but it is also recommended for the winter season. We use threads of medium thickness as well, because it is matched with cotton, it's thicker than other linen knit products. Shape is short length as premise to wear as innerwear. In winter innerwear, although things with a nice texture are also quite small, please try this tank top by all means. Products of Kenland Co., Ltd. of Yamagata Prefecture, which manufactures knitwear products (clothes, leggings, socks, etc.) around linen knit. We have continued to manufacture knitwear of collection brands mainly around wool, but we are promoting research and development of linen knit and making linen knit products. Although the main is linen, we also focused on Luo cloth hemp material, and this product was born. Like other products, you can wash in the washing machine (using the net). Please try as a classic new underwear by all means. 【size】 · Actual size Size 2 (S) - sholdout: Shoulder width 23 cm - Width 35 cm - Length 47 cm Size 3 (M): Shoulder width 25 cm - Width 37 cm - Length 49 cm Size 4 (L) - sholdout: Shoulder width 27 cm - Width 39 cm - Length 51 cm When ordering, please specify size. 【Washing】 · After using the washing net, please use a washing machine. Hand washing is also possible, but for manual work it is easier for variations to be exerted depending on the part, it is recommended to wash the washing machine using the washing net. Every time you wash the knitted fabric, softness gradually comes out. 【Manufacturing】 Kenland Made in Japan


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