Clear Custom 3WAY with Right Zipper BIG FULL BACK COLLECTION Full Set Ivory Blue


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    With side fasteners, you can put out wallet etc while carrying backpack!
  • ※ Glamania never makes products with the same design again. Everything is a design of only one of you.
    It is on sale simultaneously at other sites. We recommend you to purchase as soon as possible if you are interested (* ^^ *)

    A side fastener is carried on the right side ♪
    I think that there are also many people who feel a bit of a big backpack is difficult to put down everything inside.
    The side fastener which can carry out putting in and out of valuables comfortably while carrying on the back is very convenient!

    The feature of this design was to use the clear material for the double pocket on the front. If you remove the removable co-fabric sheet you can also use it simply (* ^^ *)
    Customized with your favorite accessories and brand scarf ♪
    Show only what you want to show, cushily store what you do not want to show!
    I mainly made a bright and refreshing graysh color that is trendy but easy to coordinate with casual wear.

    This is BIG size.
    body size
    inside dimension 29 cm (1127⁄64in)
    32 cm(1219⁄32in) in width × 32 cm(1219⁄32in) in width × 13 cm(51⁄8in) in width

    Large backpack has unisex design and many sporty designs
    It is very popular from our customers that we could not find a lucky feminine backpack.
    Since we carefully design compatibility with everyday wear,
    Please add to one of the coordinates by all means ♪

    The main room also includes a 12-inch laptop computer and a female magazine.
    With a gusset width of 13 cm(51⁄8in), clothes change and larger pouches fit well,
    Moreover, it is also attractive that it is difficult to destroy even if luggage increases as it is designed for sports.
    It is convenient for going out with children ♪

    In the double pocket attached to the front, B5 size note fits perfectly
    It also includes compact leisure seats, guide books, booklets etc.
    It is also useful for putting notebooks and memo notes.
    Size of front pocket: width 23 cm(91⁄16in) × length 20 cm(77⁄8in) × gore width 2 cm(025⁄32in)

    The side pocket also has a height and a 500 ml PET bottle also
    The usual My Bottle can also be stored.
    Since rubber is put in the pocket mouth, it can be used as a fixed position of the smartphone without spreading.
    Side pocket size: 13 cm(51⁄8in) wide x 14 cm(533⁄64in) long

    One pen insertion pocket inside (5 cm(131⁄32in) wide × 16 cm(619⁄64in) vertical)
    Two open pockets of plenty size (11 cm(421⁄64in) in width × 16 cm(619⁄64in) in length)
    We are located.

    It is tailored by sewing the inner fabric to the main bag, so you can use it without misalignment even if pulling the inner cloth.

    In the part hitting the back, it seems easy to hold in the warm season
    I use cushioning fast-drying mesh material.

    Put the bottom plate in the bottom and hit bottom tack.

    This reel key holder decorated one grain rhinestone for co-finishing and finished it. It has casual presence and is pretty!
    Since there is a ring which keeps the key holder inside the side fastener of the bag
    You can open and close a key and take out a pass case while carrying it (* ^^ *)

    We will also deliver storage bags in sets.

    Because there is a size here, I can not do wrapping with wrapping paper,
    For people using gifts, we will receive ribbon wrapping for free.
    Please let us know from the remarks column.
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    中国大陆US$ 29.68US$ 9.00
    泰国US$ 29.68US$ 9.00
    日本US$ 9.00US$ 4.50
    台湾US$ 29.68US$ 9.00
    香港US$ 29.68US$ 9.00
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 40.47US$ 13.49
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Clear Custom 3WAY with Right Zipper BIG FULL BACK COLLECTION Full Set Ivory Blue

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