Symbols of health, wealth, longevity, purity and integrity White mother-of-pearl White butterfly shell cat earrings / earrings changeable For both ears

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The deep, shiny, smooth and elegant texture of the white butterfly shell shell is unsurpassed. Therefore, it has been used for a long time in high-end timepieces, such as ROLEX, and for high-end watches and accessories, and is as important as a jewel.



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Symbols of health, wealth, longevity, purity and integrity White mother-of-pearl White butterfly shell cat earrings / earrings changeable For both ears


Wrapping is possible for ~ ~ ~ + 250 yen ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Also works and videos are also UP It is sale of ❄ 1 pair. Black type White type ・ Material 1925 silver 214 KGF (+ 200 yen) Change to 3K10 gold (+1600 yen) Change to 4K18 gold (+3000 yen) 5 resin non-hole type earrings Please be sure to specify from the option column -White mother of pearl (White butterfly clam): about 7 mm (not large) (The shape of shellfish, the color, the gloss, etc. differ one by one. There are also parts where Syrah does not occur depending on the angle, but please note that it is a feature of natural shellfish.) ・ Size -925 Silver: about 1.5 cm (post part 12 mm) -14 KGF: about 1.3 cm (post part 9 mm) ※ The beautiful glow can not be fully expressed in the photo, it is a shame. ※ We try to shoot in colors close to the actual thing as much as possible, but the impression changes depending on the condition of the light is a feature of natural stone. *************** As a stone word of this stone, there are health, wealth, longevity, purity, and perfection. It is known as a stone that exerts its power when you want to deepen your relationship or affection with your family or lover or you need power to overcome difficulties. In addition, as the name of the mother of pearl, it is also a stone that gives women a very happy power. It is because it is a stone that combines captivity, motherhood and tolerance like the mother shell that produces shellfish. It enhances the positive aspects of women and supports their desire to be gentle and attractive. Also, when you are sad or hard, the power of Mother of Pearl will calm down and heal your heart. Pearl is said to have the power to repel negative energy. Therefore, it is said that Mother of Pearl also holds negative energy away and brings good energy to the owner. It is also very well known that it is a stone that carries a good edge. In this way, because it is a stone that strongly protects women, it is a stone that many people have as a talisman of pregnancy and childbirth. When purifying Mother of Pearl as a power stone, it is recommended to use a sage, put it on a cluster, or take a moonlight bath. Be aware of the water temperature, as hot water may crack. *************** ・ K14GF (14 gold gold filled): Unlike thin gold plating of gold layer, it is the one crimped by heat of the gold layer of 1 / 20th weight of the base metal. ・ 925SV (925 Silver): A material commonly used in accessories called "Silver". ・ K10 (10K main gold): 42% of the total is gold. ・ K18 (18K main gold): 75% of the total is gold. ***************


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