【Birthstone of August】 Black cotton branch with Peridot

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All the works are carefully made with all my heart. Please enjoy hand-made texture by all means.



teorimono 逛设计馆

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【Birthstone of August】 Black cotton branch with Peridot


English follows Japanese below.
Peridot which is a natural stone (power stone) in August. It is said that a feeling of pleasure will spring up as it becomes an amulet that keeps disaster away. It is said that it is a jewel of love at first sight, and there is power to bring unexpected brilliant love.

Peridot of oval shape which can be seen watery glossy by careful polishing by hand grinding. High color transparency coloring is vivid, high quality stone quality with very little inclusion and scratches.

I attach it to the ribbon / earring of cotton material, so I think that it will be active in various scenes.

When you think that you want to wear a peridot, you may fall into a negative feeling and you may be struggling. It is said that new energy will bring hope for the future at such times. In recent years, the mining volume has become extremely phenomenon, and it is becoming a precious natural stone. This peridot is said to bring out the brightness and glow of the owner, to raise it to an intellectual person, to increase the approach from the opposite sex, and to be able to send happy everyday.

Casual formal, it will be active in both scenes.

Even though I put my hair down or up styles, I think that earrings will make your facials brighter (^ ^).

★ Stone & Part Size
· Peridot: Approximately about 6 × 5 × 4 mm
★ Material:
Bracelet bracelet: brass
※ We are exchanging to earrings (brass) (free).
Please include the message at the time of ordering if you wish.

★ Total length:
· 3.5 cm (excluding pierce metal fittings)

※ This work will be sold in pairs (both ears).

【Points to note when purchasing】
※ Because we are making by hand, there are also slightly different colors and shapes for each work and left and right earrings (or pierced).
* The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The earrings are hanging on "Peridot" stones which are August's birthstone. These stones are small and feel very light weight and cute looking.

[What is Peridot?]

It ass a stone of compassion. It ass a stone of compassion. It ass a rebirth and renewal of all kinds. abundance and prosperity. It enhances the healing and harmony of relationships. Peridot is used in crystal healing to lessen stress, especially in relationships, anger and jealousy, slow aging, and heal ulcers and digestive problems.

This item is suitable for both casual and formal situation. It's up to you.

- IncaRose: approx. 6 X 5 X 4 mm

- Earring parts: Brass
* Please let me know which type of parts you would like to have, earring or piece.

- 3.5 cm * not including earrings parts.

Therefore items may be slightly different from pictures on this page.
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade


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