【14 KGF Choker Necklace】 - Gemstone, Dream Crystal, NY Herkimerdiamond x Rose Amethys


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    It is an elegant choker necklace that used the beautiful quartz power stone NY Herkimer diamond (AAA grade) and the beau
  • 【14 KGF Choker Necklace】 - Gemstone, Dream Crystal, NY Herkimerdiamond x Rose Amethyst-

    AAA grade shine, beauty perfect gemstone rectangle
    Rose amethyst, far more transparent than diamond rock
    Brilliance is wonderful and powerful positive energy is enclosed
    As well as the world's most beautiful quartz power stone
    Known NY Herkimer Diamond (AAA grade)
    And used a luxurious 14KGF chain with a sense of depth 14KGF
    It is a choker necklace.

    * We also have NY Herkimer Diamond for the adjuster.

    Royal color jewelry amethyst and the world's most beautiful quartz are headed by
    It glows dazzlingly. Jewelry Amethyst is a transparent gemstone
    To make the most of it, it is often used for jewelry with high transparency and light refractive index
    We are facet cutting.

    Overlay wearing, T shirt in Jual, shirt with collar, dressy
    Choker that you can enjoy with various dresses and coordination
    It is a necklace.
    * The fifth piece of photograph is a different color choker necklace.
    Please make it a reference of size feeling.

    ◆ 【NY Herkimer Diamond】
    Quartz is produced only in Herkimer, New York State.
    The strata where this is mined, New York is still at the bottom of the ocean
    It is said that it was born around 500 million years ago.
    It emits a strong luster even in a non-processed state, and both ends have a pointed shape (
    Double point) is characteristic, but this double
    It is said from the point that cosmic energy is gathered
    It is.

    It is also famous as a power stone with excellent purification ability,
    It is said to be aka Dream Crystal and it fulfills the wish of the owner,
    Help awakening and blooming sleeping talent
    It is also called power stone.

    ◆ 【Amethyst】
    With a noble color, one with a strong spiritual power
    It is said Amethyst. Power to purify minus energy,
    Healing effect is a very strong stone, and "a guardian stone of love"
    Called "heart of love and compassion" to sprout and protect true love
    It is said to give power a stone.
    ◆ Size
    · Regular size 【32 cm + 5 cm adjuster】 (32 to 37 cm size adjustable)

    ◆ Material
    (All metal fittings use 14 KGF)
    · 14 KGF
    · AAA grade / rose amethyst (about 7 × 5 × 3 mm)
    · AAA grade / NY Herkimer diamond (about 6 to 7 mm / about 3 to 4 mm)
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【14 KGF Choker Necklace】 - Gemstone, Dream Crystal, NY Herkimerdiamond x Rose Amethys

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