[Insert name order goods] Raden × 3D business card card case (race)


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  • Thank you for taking a look.

    First meeting of greeting to determine the first impression.
    Business card case that glimpse is, Do you know is possible to determine the degree of impression?

    Business card case is the same as the clothes and shoes, it is one of the means to express themselves.
    It has a daily production in the feelings that Once our work is such contact helps.

    This work uses the Raden (Raden).
    The mother-of-pearl, pieces of nacre mined from the inside of the shell.
    Shining is sparkling, because this pieces is changed by the way of lighting.
    Collected the pieces, it has been produced by using a special printing.

    Attention to design to draw in Raden is a 3D three-dimensional design to finish in the special printing. Since an ordinary printing are using a different special techniques, it enables delicate and graceful design that mother-of-pearl sets off. We stuck with also can feel feminine in the irregularities.

    For those who have liked here of Raden item was Welcome a lot of people that ... you happen to love at first sight I do not have a business card. In such a person, we are allowed to make proposals as a card case to put the credit card and point card. We hope for your reference.

    Delicate and elegant lace pattern.
    Is the owner was aware of the beauty that would fascinated design.

    This design is, we have received a very well received in the Sumahokesu.
    Is filled with happy feelings will be touched to see to many people.

    ▽ There is also a compact mirror of the same design

    [Raden] The -------------------
    Shine the part of the mother-of-pearl of Yakokai and abalone shellfish in the grindstone, aligned to a certain thickness,
    Guests can fit in lacquer coating surface, the techniques or paste.
    By per condition of the light beam, the part of the shell that shines beautifully in blue and white
    It is one of the use of the decorative way.

    The Nara period, but was used in combination with outs and tortoiseshell, etc., when it comes to the Heian Period
    Is used along with the lacquer, it has raised further the effect.

    [Body size] -----------------
    Vertical width: 58 mm Width: 94 mm Thickness: 7 mm Weight: about 40g

    [Storage Shots]
    Business Card / point card: 20 sheets
    Credit card: about five

    [And material] -------------------
    Stainless steel
    We do Raden decoration on the surface.

    [Package Packaging] -------------
    Put will be packed in a Hahako.
    ※ Can also be used as this remains gift packing.
    ※ The color of the box there is also a case to change the photo

    [Notes at the time of the purchase] -------------------
    - Mother-of-pearl we have an uneven decoration on the surface of the art.
    Since there is a case of unreasonable load is broken or chipped is applied when the convex surface, please pay attention to the abrasion and the like.
    - Raden because of the natural materials, the goods actually arrive at hand might be different from the color and gloss photo. It may also be spots or stain is in the material itself, but there is no defective. Please note.
    In the design position there is some deviation. In addition, the actual product colors due to monitor the environment, which is what you watch might be different.
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[Insert name order goods] Raden × 3D business card card case (race)

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