Leather and cotton pearl earrings * earrings black and white

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Leather and cotton pearl earrings * earrings black and white


Modern and chic ♪ today, cool to mannish! I made the earrings make me in such a mood. Not Hamara to clicks and types, a collection of small parts of one by one made of all hand cut, Mani Also mesh black leather, crammed plenty of charm to remember charming sheath, femininity 1 point thing. Leather is using the sheep of suede. And enjoy even leather unique texture that changes of use on a daily basis I'm happy. As a point, using a 6mm cotton pearl, so as not too hard, It is using the contrast. From the mode of style, formal style of course! Also to adapt to everyday use, if for any color Cormorant black earrings, as well as style, to motivation, eye that will tighten Kyu Tem! You should pleasing fashionable styling that different from the people! As soon as I put the earrings, you can remain ish yourself! Genki to get used! You just, aimed at one of the treasures in the world, you will be made with love. As you accustomed to your lucky charm! * Motif material: leather (black) Cotton Pearl 6mm * Bracket material: (it is hard out relatively allergic reaction material) titanium Anxious one can be changed to gold fields in the + ¥ 400. + ¥ 100 can be changed to the earring in. Earrings will be plated. Size: 3cm ★ color, made-to-order also will receive, such as size. Contact your at feel free to e-mail Sai. Please tell in advance even more changes to the earrings from pierced. * Notes at the time of purchase * * Work we have carefully made with love, but Ya form for all work by hand The colors may look slightly different. Handmade If Dewa, enjoying the warmth and taste Just kicking and I'm happy. * It is a commodity that can be in leather. Discoloration in the water wet, there is a risk of deformation. Please treat carefully. * Please cooperate for the sake of feeling good deal. Please purchase on an understanding of the taste of the unique handmade. Please give me the purchase of a no claim no return. * As a measure of shipping, but we have a guideline one week before and after the payment is confirmed, concentrated orders If available to you, you might get a little more time. We are allowed to work wholeheartedly Since the cage, I would like to ask that you please forgive me. ☆ to last, Thank you stop the eye to the current work. We will strive to create work while looking forward from the bottom of my heart the day arrive at hand of everybody. monami de minami


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