Oversized Christmas tree tapestry set fir tree gray

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Familiar with simple interior and living, I drew a monotone color Christmas tree. I love the rolling pines and the pinecone rolling down.



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Oversized Christmas tree tapestry set fir tree gray


The decoration of the tree is up to you. Just cut and paste the color ornaments on the set and you will be cute! Even if you stuff cotton and make it plump, you can feel the three-dimensional effect. (The image is left uncut) If you want to make an original, you can buy an ornament at a 100-yen shop and try to color it, it is easy to try to cut white paper and felt and stretch it with your child ♪ If you like handicrafts you can embroider It is also wonderful, and you can make interesting things even if you dare to grab it directly ♪ As the second tree, the entrance and hallway. It is also recommended to decorate your bathroom and enjoy it. Easy to fold up because it is a cloth. The tapestry material is made from a thick, thick Tetron canvas fabric. * The cloth is left uncut. If you are concerned about processing, please fold it back with double-sided tape, or fold it back and put a sewing machine. The top and bottom are the ears of the fabric. * Please cut the color ornament and tree. Material: Tetoron canvas 100% polyester Tree tapestry size about: height 146cm side 79cm (Cloth size on arrival including ornament part: height 146cm width 100cm) -------------------------------------------------- - [Introducing the reviews you received] ★★★★★ It was very cute and I just decorated it I'm really happy to collect various ornaments for Xmas and make them my own little by little. Even if I decorate with the set ornament, it is fun enough and my son is watching with great interest ♡♡ Thank you very much for this wonderful product! ★★★★★ It ’s very cute, and it ’s going to be gorgeous for Christmas. There was a small child and there was no place to decorate the tree in a small house, so I thought about what to do, but I met something very good ☺️ Thank you very much for your quick response. ★★★★★ Because it is a solid fabric, I would like to decorate it with ornaments made of yarn or light materials. ★★★★★ It is a very chic tapestry. It was nicer than expected. The ornament of the same fabric is cute, but I would like to arrange it a little and decorate it like an adult. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. -------------------------------------------------- -



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