● two heads are better than one Dharma ● [12]

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● two heads are better than one Dharma ● [12]


● two heads are better than one Dharma ● 3 people is a trio ♪ of "Hey get up spilled Dharma" Wobbling of small Dharma's vicissitudes of life The name is ... "Hey get up spilled Dharma" "A little bit" in the pushed content okay! You get up in any number of times !! one person But when completely knocked down "Own" do not get up in ... such cute Dharma's our ε = ('ε` *) Datte who if worries there! Small worries will get over Good luck somehow on your own! But the great difficulty Naka Naka is ... going to be difficult to overcome to recover alone ... I have the help of someone! Come get up is pressed, only Squaw !! After struggling but ... completely fallen Please give to help the get up !! This "little get up spilled Dharma" is It is three-legged race and you What is a Dharma's necessary! That's right!! ● two heads are better than one Dharma ● is !! If "you" have to work hard It seems not to me's the Dharma's us !! and It is such a lovely cute Daruma's our three trio ● two heads are better than one in ● For us to cheer you lovely !! [Please check ♪] - Height: about large 3.2cm / medium 3cm / small 2.7cm Weight comes in the middle and - it has been colored with acrylic paint - than see in the picture, there is unevenness in the paint, there is an atmosphere of handmade work · In order to make use of the texture of the material, varnish is not painted - Since a lightweight paper clay, is the texture such as papier-mache Feel is a feeling that was Zara', there is unevenness of the paper clay • Do not hit the hard things, when you or scratched by nails Or take the paint, because the soft paper clay, you or over. Please give handled gently ♪ cat is not good ... ☆ ━ will be a child of the sale of the photos ━ ☆


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