Alaska Yellow-Aka-chan Wallet Tri-Fold

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Aka-chan wallet (minimum size) can change the exterior at any time, and snuggle up to you at that time, according to changes in taste. Make it lighter by putting it on your neck. With a small design, one point of wearing.



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Alaska Yellow-Aka-chan Wallet Tri-Fold


u and to propose a wallet with a new feel that allows you to remove the interior and exterior. (The selling price is the set price of interior and exterior) Aka-chan wallet (minimum size) can change the leather of the exterior at any time, and snuggle up to you at that time, according to your preference changes. It will make you lighter by putting it on your neck. Please note that the leather strap is sold separately. (Leather strap sold separately: ¥ 1300.00 (JPY)) Please purchase here. ↓ With a small design, one point of wearing and color. Please check the interior specifications here. Please see here for how to install the work. (Customers who have purchased for the first time will be sent with the interior installed.) <For repeat customers and customers who wish to purchase only the exterior> Only the exterior can be sold, so please contact us by message. I will guide you through the sales page. [Exterior only: ¥ 4500.00 (JPY)] <Material data> Leather Name: Alaska I want to be born: Italy Animal Name: Cat How to make it: Tannins Coloring: Dye Finish: Shrink leather Finishing method: Wax processing Secular change: ☆☆☆☆ ★ Hardness: ☆ ★ ☆☆☆ <Introduction to Alaska> Leather born from La Perla Azzurra. The leather of high creativity that the world of "Alaska" adopted in the name is reproduced by the craftsman's handwork. Looking at the contrast between the white wax sprayed on the surface and the leather color, you can reminisce Alaska before the snow melts. Over time, the white wax on the surface gradually rubs and melts, and the leather color comes out. It ’s leather that looks like it ’s thawed. Slightly soft due to shrink, moist and smooth texture. If you use maintenance supplies, the white wax will get wet and disappear, so basically no maintenance is required. If you really want to use it, please try using the enclosed leather tag. <Alaska is recommended for such customers> ・ I want to use a slightly different leather ・ I like simple leather rather than elegant leather ・ I like moist and soft leather ・ I want to enjoy secular changes <Size> (after interior installation) Height: 7.0cm Width: 9.5cm Thickness: 35mm (thinning while using)



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