[1 point limit] of Tokyo cypress Donburiwan | wipe lacquer

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[1 point limit] of Tokyo cypress Donburiwan | wipe lacquer


"Bowl of cypress of Tokyo that has been inherited from the wooden base nurses to wooden base nurses" Beginnings, Tokyo Okutama wooden base teacher of. Local cypress, we have to convey the importance of the forest through the vessel making. Its wooden base nurses are young died, remaining production middle of bowl. Then, about 10 years. Inherited the modern wooden base Reverend, was completed is this Tokyo · cypress bowl. Form is made to leave its original specification, it finished with lacquer wipe the finish as a Pint! Original. For this size there is only one point, but as long as one point of this product. Material use of Okutama Tokyo cypress (cypress). Since it is a cypress, it is a so-called thinning material. This, it is dried in a semi-product state is referred to as "rough ground" in order to dry, but remains in this state, it is what has been asleep long. Bowl of cypress, I do not find it hard to find. In the past, but had been the highest among the bowl material, material procurement and, from the difficulty of processing, no longer seen almost now. Cypress, the wood grain is beautiful, beautiful tree of color slightly yellowish. Than the other trees, it is said to be light. The shape of the feature is, and round form, crisp while broadly stable hill. Since the cypress is especially light wood, a little in the thick wooden base and stable hill, finished in the bowl a balanced seems cypress. Finish is lacquer wipe, but you have piled up trial in other sizes, better compatibility with cypress, it can use without any problems. Grain of attitude at the time of lacquer finish wipe also, while lacquer is firmly entered, and come out clean, now different atmosphere and zelkova. Material cypress (Tokyo Okutama) [Finish] wiping lacquer (black) [Size] φ15.5 × 9.0cm [Note of handling] Dishwasher, long period of time of soaking, your stiff brush please avoid.


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