Enrica × Kagure linen one piece (natural)

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Enrica × Kagure linen one piece (natural)


It is a dress of original linen which was made with select shop "Kagure" that starts from organic cotton and proposes a natural lifestyle, together with the brand "enrica" which also develops overseas collections. It is based on PINT's "Everybody's Eggi" project and PINT is engaged in planning and management. (For details, please see http://blog.pint.mn/minnanodougu-kagure-1-5 ) When planning and producing linen's shop coat ( https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/862486 ) for the first time, we received a very popular reception, and we have a series of original clothes line "Kagure Wardrobe" series from now on I decided to carefully make it little by little and arrange it. As the 0th shop coat is the first, this dress is "Kaguwada's Wardrobe No. 1". Continuing from last time, design and production are enrica. We are doing sewing work at the factory in Japan, we are producing and producing both fabrics and sewing quality. As the original line of Kaguwa, I decided to select cloths and make patterns while floating the image of "an elegant atmosphere of an adult woman" that would be like wearing only one. The size is one size free size. Repeated pattern making, finished in a balance that looks beautiful, neckline, silhouette, sleeves, length. The silhouette can also be adjusted while becoming a design accent by using the belt of the symbiotic area. There is no belt loop, it has become a design that turns to the waist like a belt of a yukata robe ties. The fabric is 100% linen. Especially taking long time to select the fabric, carefully selected. Among linen, texture also varies depending on weaving density, yarn spinning and fabric processing. It does not roughly summer, leaving a crisp expression and choosing a fabric that dyed in beautifully. It is not too thin, it is also easy to coordinate. Pocket is on the side. Since it is not made from the outside of the fabric, it does not affect silhouette and appearance design, it is a clear form. There are also internal pockets in the pocket, perfect for putting lip sticks and small items. All four colors are expanded. Please try looking for your favorite color. Material Body: Linen 100% Button: Shell button 【Color】 natural (Expand all four colors) https://www.iichi.com/shop/pint/artist/J8524309?page=1 【size】 Women's Free Size [Measurement size] Sleeve length (from the base of the neck to cuff) 82.5 cm, total length 116 cm, body width 49 cm Model height 160 cm 【About washing】 Washing machine washable. For details on the washing method, please see the tag of product quality display tag.


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