Monotone ◆ Panda's Gauzeket (sweats and shiny) white black monotone panda swaddle

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Monotone ◆ Panda's Gauzeket (sweats and shiny) white black monotone panda swaddle


This is the price of a piece of gauze. Domestic six-fold gauze (reversible, gray & queen panda pattern weave) was trimmed with cute W gauze. Cotton 100% Size Approximately 70 x 100 cm made in Japan This 6-fold gauze is made in Japan with no chemical additives, secure. Unlike just simply stacking six pieces of gauze, It is multi stereoscopic gauze that weaves thread thickness and texture different gauze. Momoko Mokomoko smooth each time you use it Fluffy, it is soft touch. We also have matching gauze stuff and gauze handkerchief. Please use it by all means with babies and moms ♪ Baby's afternoon bedtime ket, of course kids' stomach ket, Adults are also throwing, cooling measures In the office in the living room by car, buggy ... Please use it in various scenes. We are also using many to celebrate your birth. ★ Because I often use it for gifts, those that understand the price are not put in. ★ We are putting in handling explanation cards (English version also) of gauzeket. We will receive wrapping. ※ Simple wrapping is free → You can choose non-standard-size mail. ※ Box paws are charged (300 yen) · · · If you wish to pack in boxes please also purchase wrapping paper tray in the cart. In the case of box packing, please select Takkyubin delivery. * In the case of sending a gift directly, please indicate the postal code, address, name, telephone number of the person who sent it to the remarks column. We will ship with your name. In addition to gauzeket, adult cute gauze handkerchief and handkerchief that can also use men's We manufacture gauze accessories such as gauze stuff and multiple gauze. Please see if it is good. I would be happy if you like it on Facebook page ♡ We distribute coupons available for BASE irregularly ♪ We are waiting for your follower registration! ※※※Please be careful※※※ Please refrain from returned goods of customer convenience. Please purchase only those who can understand the characteristics of handmade. ● There are some errors for handmade goods. Moreover, I think whether there are some points such as distortion and sewing curvature, Please forgive me for handmade warmth not on ready-made goods. ● There may be black crush on the kinari fabric. This is derived from the raw cotton which is said to be Kasu, it is not dust adhered or harmful in the manufacturing process. ● Because it sells in parallel with other sites, it may run out of stock depending on the timing of inventory control. In that case, please acknowledge that it will be made to order or replacement. If you are concerned please contact us with a message etc. ● Although we are taking pictures as close as possible to the real thing, colors may look different from the actual ones depending on your monitor and display. Please acknowledge it. Production place / Production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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