Pendant top of lapis lazuli and ruby

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bluewaters 逛设计馆

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Pendant top of lapis lazuli and ruby


To like star is the night sky dark blue of pyrite (pyrite stone) studded
Of dark blue, such as sparkling lapis lazuli and dark red-pink
It is a pendant that is a combination of ruby.

Lapis lazuli is one of the Qibao in the world of Buddhism is in Japan called "lapis lazuli"
It has been counted.

Lapis lazuli as is said to be the stone that has been recognized as the world's first Power Stone
It is a very high stone of spirituality that has been sacred in the world as the "sacred rock" since ancient times.

Lapis lazuli, called the strongest of baetyl is and stone lead to good luck and spurned the bad ones
Is said to be have the power to lead to avoid the danger success.
In addition, lapis lazuli increases the intuition and judgment, if there is a power to change the misfortune to fortune
It is said.

Ancient stone lapis lazuli that great power of about changing the fate is said to have dwelled in
Encouraging and have the time to go jump into the new world ally and will to success
It will be a shortcut.

Dark blue chose a very beautiful lapis lazuli this time.
That was drawn was not thought that want to match the vivid stone in this dark blue
This ruby!
Also it looks like the pink even as red, but it is beauty and eye-catching package.
Although pale colors you like, but it is very nice Also vivid stone.

It finished in Kirari To beautifully shining nice pendant in the chest.

※ chain is not included in the item.
Sale of pendant top only.

Silver 925
lapis lazuli
Synthetic ruby (synthetic ruby)

【lapis lazuli】
Size vertical about 1.5cm width about 1cm
[Synthetic ruby]
Size vertical about 0.8cm width of about 0.8cm
Silver table height of about 0.7cm

When packing weight: 100g

[Notes at the time of the shopping]

Stone you are using some may have, such as some of the cracks, but the point here, please understand.
Because there is that change is a slight impression and the real thing by the reflection of light or the like
Please note.
In addition, the performance of the monitor that is to the customer's use,
There are times when the color of the image may look slightly different from the real thing.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a question.


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