For weddings and parties, everyday use. 2way obi handbag, handbag silk obi remake violet

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It is a handbag with a sense of quality using a silk belt.


For weddings and parties, everyday use. 2way obi handbag, handbag silk obi remake violet


The violet color is beautiful 2way handbag back using a silky spring belt, and it is a handbag. It can be used in various scenes such as weddings, parties, kimonos and everyday use. The bag is made of elegant and soft beautiful silk band, and while there is a quiet claim, there is a sense of calm and presence. [Design that can be widely coordinated] It is a design that mixes the current trends with Japanese and Western clothes. Because it uses a formal belt, just to fit to a simple one-piece dress, to coordinate on a rank higher suitable for a place such as a wedding or a party. 【Beautiful design, polite tailoring】 A 40-year-old apparel pattern maker (pattern papermaker) is putting in know-how, and it is an original bag that was completed while repeating trial and error. Using professional knowledge, the silk band's high-class feel is more intriguing. We are committed to the choice of each color of parts, such as bands, tassels, and inner cloths in bags, and we have pursued the best color scheme that will bring the overall design of the bag apart. The tassel comes with a sparkling bijoux. The band, which is a traditional Japanese technology, is a very luxurious one that has been carefully woven through many processes. Sewing by hand carefully one by one, the height of the degree of completion of sewing has also received popularity. 【Handbag, 2 way back of handbag】 The chain that will be the handbag is removable. According to the scene, please make a handbag, make a handbag or use it in 2 ways. As an option, you can purchase a long chain that will be shoulder-backed in 3 ways. It is convenient that you can keep your hands open at a dinner party etc. [Back is recommended for such people] -If you are looking for a back with a sense of quality, with a sense of texture. -Those who want a back that can be used for parties and weddings to match a simple one-piece dress. -If you want a party, a wedding, a back where you can have a wide range of everyday use. -If you are looking for a gift for loved ones. 【size】 Bag body: Length 13 cm x width 25.5 cm x depth (part of gusset) 4.5 cm Mounting chain: Length 34 cm x width 0.7 cm


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