N-like order goods 2015 schedule notebook Liberty cloth use

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N-like order goods 2015 schedule notebook Liberty cloth use


Happy to be nice also, sometimes unpleasant just a little bit Promise with anyone, nor small conventions and their Write to your favorite notebook, mind and time to a little organizing. I wonder would any one year. Read over to or after decades, what would do the think. We made a simple schedule notebook of 2015. Text, Yes to print with pigment ink, has become resistant to water wet. (Since the paper, the attention is too much water wet) Cover uses the cloth of the big flower pattern of Liberty print. Will change the pattern by a portion was cut. The image is a sample. Color, yellow flowers "Himawari" Pink flower "Anemone" It is three colors of purple flower "dahlia". Price is the one book price. Please let us know your favorite color when ordering. Although in the case of sold out we have an update as soon as possible, When that did not meet the deadline can also be Otsukuri gotten your time. Since there may also be that there is no stock of cloth Favorite things we recommend early purchase, if any. Text, 1, monthly calendar format schedule 2, borders of each month can also be used as a word diary to write one line per day (32 rows) 3, 2015, the 2016 Annual Calendar 4, white paper to write anything We pages are linked in order and. With the aim of easy-to-use notebook with simple, it has designed the body. Text stitching with a thread, in the back put the hemp Easy to open it produces durable process. Because the cover is a during fabrication nothing kind or now, it will be able to exhibit the new ones in the future. However, in order to or participated in the event, Because there is such a steep sold out, Favorite things we recommend early your order, if any. From the binding of the body cut, until the assembly All I make by hand. We make careful but, on the handmade characteristics, There are cases where bleeding such as distortion and color can be seen. Those who are worried, please contact us before ordering. If the notebook is broken within one year, It responds to repair, returned goods, and replaced free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us. As 2015 will be a wonderful year ☆ ※ The contents of the image is a sample image. Different colors of looking back and bookmarks, but basically body is the same. Size: Width 10,5cm, height 17,5cm, is about 8mm thick **Notes at the time of the purchase** All from binding to the assembly has been made by hand. But we have made to each one carefully, Distortion, there is the case that caused the deviation and the like. Absolutely and a point to be worried about after your purchase, sorry to trouble you, but If you have any damage, but you plus please contact us. We will correspond by the exchange and refund or other miniature book. Delivery, you have to specify the ordinary mail and a letter pack. Please contact us who wish for other delivery method.


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