Scarlet copper pendant necklace


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  • A small, cute square shape!

    It is also recommended for gifts for birthday, anniversary.

    <Scarlet copper of Japanese traditional technique>
    One of the traditional techniques used for decorating weapons since ancient times.
    By heating a clean polished pure copper to the limit, by quenching at the right time in the borax solution, it is a very difficult technique to fix a film of copper original special scarlet.
    It is a natural coloring that does not use a coloring material (coating) such as glaze or paint.

    <A word from a writer>
    In order to make one work, first cut out from a 1.2 mm thick copper plate with a thread saw. After scraping with a file, polish until it shines shiny with buffs. From here, is heated to the verge of melting the pure copper, and placed in a borax aqueous solution at the right time, Boko, Innovation ... the moment was almost uniform red bashed, I will be pleased also to see how many times.

    Since I am making individual one, there are some color unevenness and burns depending on how to put in fire. We are also selling with confidence as only one work in the world that can enjoy natural coloring and texture.

    Pendant top: Copper (12 mm long, 13 mm wide, 1 mm thick)
    Round bracket: Brass (black plating)
    SV 925 Azuki chain 40 cm (plating processing)
    ※ Please note that it is not a cut chain chain of photos.

    <How to Care>
    The color of the scarlet copper is an oxide film. Please manage the tips that enjoy the color of the surface for a long time so that the surface does not collide with other objects during use, after use. In addition, you can keep the brightness long by wiping with a soft cloth. It is also recommended to keep it in a small bag with a chuck.

    <Copper material recommendation point ♪>
    · Copper is hard to damage water (not easily turbid, smelly)
    · Copper is an old name "Akane". It has only "red" color among metals
    · It is a material of coins including 10 yen coin, familiar

    <The point point of a red color item ♪>
    In general, red color is "auspicious, joyful auspicious occasion, lively" represents the meaning of, it is known as the "auspicious color", "luck is good color." Shinto shrine temple torii red, red rice, baby, 60th birthday etc ... Let's wear a lucky red color item.
    Production place / Production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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Scarlet copper pendant necklace

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