Brooklyn acrylic chain bracelet watch LI053

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A simple face is combined with an acrylic chain to create an impactful design.


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Brooklyn acrylic chain bracelet watch LI053


A simple face is combined with an acrylic chain to create an impactful design. It is a perfect work for gifts. * Different colors are on display * Skylar: Acrylic chain bracelet watch LI051 Clarissa: Acrylic chain bracelet watch LI052 Cordelia: acrylic chain bracelet watch LI054 Fergie: Acrylic chain bracelet watch LI055 Jenny: Acrylic chain bracelet watch LI056 * The color and marble pattern is slightly different. ▷ size Watch face: 2.2 x 2.2 cm Acrylic chain width: 1.8 cm Full length (including crab): 17cm Adjuster: 5 cm 方 To those who wish to change the size After measuring your own size, please enter the desired length in the remarks column. Also, please note that the design may change slightly depending on the size. ▷ Applying a strong impact may cause damage or malfunction, such as shifting the dial face. Please be careful not to drop or hit it when wearing it. Also, if the size of the work does not fit, it will be difficult to wear and may drop. Please check if the size fits before ordering. About the watch Please use a watch store, home appliance store, etc. for battery replacement and repair of malfunction. Also, please note that no warranty card is attached. When sending, we will ship with the crown pulled out to avoid battery drain. If you push the crown after adjusting the time, the clock will start to move. Please note that it is not waterproof. ▷ Metal material Chain: Acrylic Adjuster chain: Danzou Other metals: Brass + nickel plating + gold alloy plating (silver is rhodium plating) 注意 Precautions for use There is a possibility of tearing when pulled or loaded. Since the material used is plated, discoloration cannot be avoided due to its characteristics. Deterioration of the plating may be accelerated depending on the usage conditions, such as moisture such as sweat and rain, cosmetics such as oil, sunscreen, and UV rays for a long time. 手 How to care To prevent discoloration after use, we recommend wiping off dirt with a soft cloth such as a cloth for glasses, and storing in a jewelry case or sealed bag. About bag size The length is indicated by the length including crab. We have been working carefully, but there is a risk that an error of about one centimeter will occur. Sorry. About ▷ delivery Ships by international e-packet. Asia: Delivery will be about 7 days after shipment.


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