GIGI cube white dial × blue belt


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  • GIGI is a cube of the series. Dice-shaped side is about 30mm in the three-dimensional watch, the height of about 15mm.
    Outside the copper material, because the core of brass, on the back cover side using sterling silver, wrist even outside discolored with aging does not or become green.

    Those who are going to use a handmade clock made of brass, or does not or especially made wrist, such as summer in green? I not be a silver watch, brass material will get to color transfer will out patina.
    That point, because this watch is covered by parts of the silver material, you do not have to worry about that wrist is green.
    Unlike castings that can be exactly the production the same case, combined with the right man in the right place of the parts, and the processing of creating unique. Casting is not possible combinations of different materials.

    Clock inside SEIKO Quartz Movement use. It is a combination of white dial and blue belt.
    It attaches a one-year warranty.

    **Notes at the time of purchase**

    Because it is handmade is a non-waterproof, but or washing swim, we have made in all right as to be submerged.
    Please be with us a good partner.
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GIGI cube white dial × blue belt

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