For weddings and parties everyday use as well. 2 way band handbag, handback silk belt remake silver

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It is a handbag using silk high quality reuse band. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies and parties. We carefully finished with 1 point, 1 point, handmade, we are gaining popularity with the beauty of sewing, the exceptional finish of silk high quality be


For weddings and parties everyday use as well. 2 way band handbag, handback silk belt remake silver


It is 2way handbag back, handbag, using silver silk reuse band. For weddings, parties, kimonos, everyday use, you can use it in various scenes. It is a very beautiful and ornate handbag with a flower patterned with flowers and flowers of gold, white, pink peony in silver gray strips. 【Back made by professional clothes】 Patterns (sewing patterns) of sewing, back are active in apparel, and a patterner (paper craftworker) is in charge. The bag's line is beautiful and sewing is politely finished. It is an original design which completed the design, pattern by trial and error repeatedly. [Elegant and luxurious materials using silk band of one piece reuse] We use the reuse silk (silk) belt, we also use the luxurious band table fabric on the reverse side. Silver belt is also suitable for formal occasions such as weddings. [Handbags, handbag 2 way back. You can use it in various scenes] It is a back that can be tailored to formal and casual attire. The chain that becomes a handbag is removable. Depending on the scene, handbag or handbag please use 2way. From the option, you can purchase long chain which becomes shoulder bag with 3 way. It is convenient to have your hand open at a stall party etc. 【Gusseted handbag. Design with tassel to reduce trend feeling】 Because there is a depth with gusset, you can store necessary items, and a long wallet of a common length enters. As one point, trendy tassels are attached. 【Recommended back to this one】 · Those who are committed to texture. Those who are looking for an affordable back with an affordable price. · A person who wants a party to match simple dress dresses or a back that can be used for wedding ceremonies. · The party party bags on the market are expensive, and those who are thought to be unwilling to use only for parties and wedding ceremonies. Those who want a back that can be used everyday. · Those who like kimono. If you are looking for a back that can be used for both clothes and kimono. 【size】 Body bag: length 13 cm x width 25.5 cm x depth (gusset portion) 4.5 cm, mounting chain: length 34 cm x width 0.7 cm [Points to note when purchasing] - We have ordered 2, 3 days from shipping to receiving shipping orders. · Material is Body: Surface: Silk Belt, Bottom: Silk Belt, Inside: 100% Cotton. - The image and color may differ depending on the browser. I think whether the picture beside oblique will be a color that is relatively close to the real thing. · Although sewing is finished carefully, it is not as perfect as ready-made items, but there are some distortions as well. · There is a slight difference in how to cut out a belt pattern, one by one. · Because of the reuse band, there is a texture and taste peculiar to the reuse band in the band fabric. There are some dirt which is not noticed at the time of production, Hotsure of the fabric, fold wrinkles, weave holes, fabric scratches, unique smells of unreliable, etc. Please be aware in advance.


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