[Stock] cutting board squares of wood of birch (hippopotamus)

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[Stock] cutting board squares of wood of birch (hippopotamus)


[8/3 We restocked. ]

Feel the life force of the tree, one plate birch cutting board of.

It looks simple and square, but it is sophisticated processing and finishing by furniture craftsman.

Beautiful grain and luster to feel the power of the tree, craftsmen unique to manufacture specializing in woodworking furniture. Cutting board that has a good material, in the way of taking the tree, such as want to use every day, the force. By the oil paint finish, wood continues to breathe.

While there is a sense of material, not too rustic, not subject to feel cut out the tree is located in the elaborate cutting and finishing.

Cutting is a side has carved diagonally to subtly inward. As a result, he hooked a hand take the place of the handle, while simple form can also be used without stress when lifting. In addition, I also lighter weight of the appearance.

Elaborate and by polite finish, surface want stroked become such a beautiful finish.

Precisely because as simple as cutting board, the quality of the material, the details of the design, commitment stands out. In particular, especially as long as they continue to use every day. When the knock down, more and more heavily, you will get a good taste.

Size, 20 × 30cm. As a cutting board, even cut the bread and cheese, you can use it as a cutting board. Such as bread and cheese, it is even if I use it as a dish as it is wonderful.

Kind of wood is two.

▼ birch (hippopotamus) There is a moderate weight hard, hard wood scratch. It is also easy to match the dining table in the elegant texture. (It is on this page of the product. Birch only, there is also a round. Round ⇒ http://www.iichi.com/listing/item/408321 )

▼ walnut (walnut) unpeeled trees. Light, hard to warp wood. Friendly is a tree of feminine impression. (Page of walnut ⇒ http://www.iichi.com/listing/item/408318 )

Although there are each of the features, all, and using the wood that is suitable for cutting board, the above-mentioned features are relative features of the of the three types.

Grain and color is to vary one by one, for example birch and walnut, nor is the fact that particularly vulnerable to the water in the wood.

I think you'll wish you in your favorite grain.

Material birch (hippopotamus) domestic timber

[Finish] natural oil finish

[Size] Horizontal 30cm × 20cm × vertical thickness 2.4cm


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