Lacquer black lacquer wipe bamboo fork

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Lacquer black lacquer wipe bamboo fork


Bamboo cutlery that had gotten popular, bamboo fork reblogged ranks. Near easy-to-use form to metal cutlery you are familiar usually, but unlike the metal, you want to make a soft material of mouthfeel. Think so, bamboo cutlery series began. Bamboo has a supple strength than the tree, you can break very thin along the direction of the fibers. We use the Kyoto bamboo. Coating is wiped lacquer. Without the coating is, weak maintenance on the water will become a very. It urethane paint will get lost even bamboo feel of much trouble, things to be worried about even smell when you eat a hot thing. The price will be high, but to thing to enter the mouth, chose lacquer natural. Fork of the teeth of the form, the adjustment of the thickness and length of the handle more difficult than other cutlery, is the emergence of late. The sample remake many times, we have completed. On the characteristics of the fork of the material tree, very thick ones are many, I feel like those used in preference the feeling that "enjoy the tree of the material" in many cases. Taste is pleasant, "normally" fork to get a meal, I had never met easily. Also reached a form point of becoming bogged down in the form of this fork, this is two points. 1) as much as possible thin Tooth is thin, it must have pointed earlier. We pursued the form as much as possible in the bamboo. Such as fruits and vegetables, you can eat stab like a metal fork. Fork of the tooth was stuck to the fact that four. 3 is present when the structure is simple, because the difficult to use and is three in, such as when to eat pasta. The thickness of the middle and both ends of the teeth was the subtly varied adjustment. 2) thin the handle, long Not the same pattern as the same series of spoon, it is long and thin. Such as when you eat pasta, to be easy to turn to when you eat round and round To wound the noodles were thin the handle. Looking at the pattern from above has a shape close to a square. In addition, it also extended the length for the same reason. As shown in the photograph, the table of part of the handle will hit the outer skin of bamboo. What is easy to image because there is a clause. The outer skin part, does not paint a similar lacquer and chopsticks. For the skin, because they do not ride also painted for play well moisture and lacquer, you have to leave the bamboo of the material itself. [Material] Bamboo (wiping lacquer finish) domestic timber (Kyoto) 【size】 Total length: 19cm [Cleaning] For a long time, putting immersed in water, please be avoided. · Wash with a stiff brush Please avoid. It may lacquer paint is scraped. - After washing, please wipe off the moisture, such as a dish towel. For a long time, that exposure to direct sunlight, please be avoided as much as possible. It may warp or crack may occur.


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