Silk natural cherry-dyed stall


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  • Stall of natural cherry-dyed silk

    From Yoshino cherry tree twigs also this year, was able to transfer the color of that flower in cloth.

    A result of favorable reception of the last year, because it was now to be able to purchase a larger amount Thanks,
    We were able your price cut a little.

    It has come out color, such as upper respiratory indescribably.
    That year, color by the trees will change.
    This time, a little yellowish, very good color.

    The material is 100% silk
    Stall of the size we have plenty in the wide.

    It has been woven with a soft thin thin thread.
    Since it has become a double, but light enough to be surprised contains the air, it feels warm To warm.
    It is warmth, such as Sunny.
    (Since the delicate yarn is sandwiched in the double cloth over the side, it can not accidentally caught.)

    Select only twigs, extraction in its own way it takes many days.
    After aging, again in their own way the dye liquor,
    Using the old-fashioned mordant technique, to provide a high degree of fastness dyed.

    The mordant, those that have been scientifically synthesis, we do not use any.
    I just dyed balanced dye from the cherry tree.

    This color is once-in-a-lifetime chance.
    Reverentially and thanks to the cherry tree, I was let dyed.

    Since I have taken such a technique of very labor and time, you can not mass production.
    By all means, gifts for loved ones,
    How in the gift of hard work into your own.

    It becomes the dispatch put in paulownia box.

    Size about 70㎝ × 180㎝

    We wrote and production processes in the facebook page.
    Please try to search for if you like Anemoi.

    ◎ plant dyeing Notes as a product

    Please avoid long-term storage under direct sunlight direct sunlight.

    Acidic, there is a weak nature to alkaline. If you with a fruit juice or badly sweat, it is recommended to rinse quickly immediately with lukewarm water.

    ◎ on the nature and the use of natural dyes, but there may be a slight color unevenness, a color change can be seen,
    We hope you enjoy as a natural color.

    ◎ your laundry, shade established a gently wash → form.
    (Please use a mild detergent when using detergent)
    I feel that was Kusha' is also nice, but the time of sale has been finished with a steam iron.

    In addition, in terms of told that it is a plant dyeing products, please put out the laundry.
    Origin / production method
    Origin: Japan handmade
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Silk natural cherry-dyed stall

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