Cotton pearl chain pierced earrings purple green pink

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Cotton pearl chain pierced earrings purple green pink


Pierced with cotton pearl and chain, small Czech beads.

Length 4.2 cm (including pierced earrings)
Material ▷ glass besds, brass, cotton pearl, alloy, stainless steel
【Color difference】
③ Pink

※ What is cotton pearl
It is a fake pearl which compressed cotton and subjected to pearl processing on its surface, light like a feather, and a soft texture unique to cotton is attractive.

<About use storage>
When not in use, wrap your brass product with tissue paper and put it in a plastic zipper bag to avoid oxidation.
Please remove accessories at the waterside, pool, hot springs.
Cotton pearl is a weak material so please avoid water.
If you are allergic to metal please refrain from using.

<Product packaging>
I will do basic packaging.
Pack the product individually in a plastic bag and wrap it with packing material.
Put it in a carton and put it out.

<Required time and delivery method>
This product will be shipped in 【international e-packet】.
We will ship Monday through Friday. (Holiday, excluding holidays)
It takes 6 - 10 days for you to receive the product after shipping.

<About returned goods, exchange>
- If there is a defect in the product, it is possible to return it. (Shipping fee paid by designer)
- In the case of customer convenience, products within 7 days counted from the day after receiving products, before use, are returnable (shipping fee is paid by the customer).
- When returning, please return the extra bundle that the designer bundled as a privilege together when returning the product body together.
For details, please click here

This product is handmade. Please understand the error of a slight magnitude.
Please take into account that there are slight differences in color appearance depending on the terminal you use.
If you feel uncomfortable on the skin after using this product, please stop using it.

If you have any questions please contact us via Pinkoi's site message.

Production place / Production method
Made in japan made in Japan


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