Small snowy morning

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The beauty of the snow scene is represented by silver and pearl


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Small snowy morning


When I woke up in the morning, a small silver world was spreading. .. .. It is a brooch made with such an image. The whiteness of snow is expressed by the strong whiteness of silver and white pearls. A wire ball like a ping pong mum flower and a flower motif are used to create a cute finish. The leaf is lined with silver and white silver. I think I was able to bring out the rhythm and depth ^^ It's a color scheme that I wanted to shape someday ♪ White pearls spill out from between the flowers and leaves ^^ Swarovski pearls with a beautiful spherical shape without distortion are arranged in various sizes. The center of the large metal flower is the air pearl, which is characterized by its soft texture. This is a soft atmosphere with a focus on white silver and white. Recommended for those who like silver like silver ♪ We will attach a silicon brooch stopper so that you can use it with confidence. Please also see the regular size "Snow Morning" ^^ Enjoy coordinating with "small snow morning" as a hat and "snow morning" as clothes, or wear "small snow morning" and "snow morning" as a link coordination with a couple or a couple. It is also recommended to become. The fifth photo was taken with an image of an almost life-size person. Please also check the difference in size from the regular size "Snow Morning" in the 6th image ^ ^ ◇◇◇◇ Some of the parts are silver plated. When storing, put it in a plastic bag with a zipper to remove air. If left exposed to the air, the metal parts will discolor due to oxidation. Thank you for your consideration and understanding so that you can enjoy the colors at the time of purchase for a long time. All metal parts are plated, so be careful not to polish them strongly with a cloth containing abrasives when cleaning. This is a delicate work, so please handle it with care. The parts are attached to the base with fishing line. It may feel a little moving, but please be assured that it will not come off. Since each piece is made by hand, the arrangement and shape of the parts are slightly different. Beads are placed so that the base shower stand is difficult to see, but the base may be visible around that part due to the convenience of hooking the shower stand's claws. Please avoid using it on clothes with conspicuous needle holes. Product images are taken in natural light unless otherwise specified. Material: glass, metal, nylon Size: Length about 3 cm x Width about 4.5 cm


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