Original dyed design notebook

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Original dyed design notebook


With your favorite theme according to your taste I will design only one original notebook in the world! From your favorite motif and hope Think of the design of the cover, check with e-mail, etc. After meeting If the rough is decided, it will be raised on a paper pattern and carved. Make a paper pattern and use it to dye the cover cloth. Since we will continue to exchange by e-mail several times, Thank you for confirming e-mails until you enter production. We keep the paper pattern made here as a customer's exclusive design, I will dyed and prepare a new notebook when preparing other notebooks and other notebooks from next year. At that time, there is no design fee etc, only dyeing fee and notebook fee will be charged. With this color this year, I can enjoy it next year with this color. I am sorry it took me a while to make the production period, but it is about 3 weeks to 1 month. Time will go back and forth by other production. I am glad if you can understand since we are carefully making it. I am considering something about 17 cm in length, 10 cm in width and 8 mm in thickness If you wish, you can make it to that size. The design of the text is similar to other notebooks in 2017. Please also refer to the option page as it can correspond to the option in the same way. I would like to grant as much as possible if there is any other hope Please do not hesitate to consult about anything. Please read before ordering. ☆ Changing at the rough stage is possible, but you can not change the design after carving the pattern paper. If you are concerned about paying after you like rough is okay. ☆ Because of the nature of carving into a paper pattern, something too fine or complex can not be expressed. We will correspond by other alternatives, please understand in advance. ☆ The dyeing of the cover becomes hand-dyed one by one. You can express your choice of colors and shaking, There is a case that you can not answer when it is definitely in this color, etc. here. ☆ You can not accept things that closely resemble the designs of characters or others. When judging that there is a fear of copyright infringement here, we will stop immediate production. ☆ Paper can be used for many years, but when you reprint with aged deterioration We will charge you for changes and we will also accept changes to the design. I think that there is a frequency every 10 years. Size: width 10, 5 cm, height 17, 5 cm, thickness about 8 mm **Purchase notes** Because it is custom made, cancellation after completion can not be done. It will take about 1 month from the 14th. The front cover measures anti-fouling measures with a waterproof spray. I think that it can be used cleanly by spraying a waterproof spray for cloth about once a month. Using the hygroscopicity of the paper, when you spray your favorite perfume on the text You can enjoy your favorite fragrance every time you use your notebook for about a month. ※ Please use the spray well enough. Because of all manual work, there may be scratches on printing, swaying of dyed, distortion and so on. Also, the cover may be different from the image due to hand dyed one by one. Since those who are interested will show pictures, please do not hesitate to consult us. It is about a week to complete. We will inform you of shipping schedule date after your order. If there are other things to worry about, Please do not hesitate to contact us. I am looking forward to the day we can make one favorite book.


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