Magewappa 7 Sunmeshiki (your chest) with a rice paddle

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Magewappa 7 Sunmeshiki (your chest) with a rice paddle


This bending Wappa made in Nagano Kiso region, unlike the Akita region, finish wiping lacquer.
In Nagano, I was thriving lacquerware production for a long time not only the circular box.

Not painted lacquer, when the remains of Shiraki, or colored, or weak to water, that would quite do care about daily Tsukai.
Because of this product is wiping lacquer finish, without the urethane paint and coatings, only wood materials and natural materials, you can use your stronger water.
In addition, since it is very light, texture, and excellent ease of use both.

Not too escape the heat as the plain wood, is the degree of sealing of the wood itself is high by lacquer.

Three sizes of lunch box series has been very favorable reception.
Large φ15.5cm × 7cm (capacity: about 820Ml) / ¥ 8,000
Medium φ13cm × 7cm (capacity: about 600Ml) / ¥ 6,800
Small φ11cm × 6cm (capacity: about 360Ml) / ¥ 5,800

Products on this page, is a bigger size.
Rather than a lunch box, a product that'll use it as your chest.

Body size; φ21cm × 10cm
Is the amount of rice 2.5-3 Go fraction cooked.
The person who'll use it as your chest, is the perfect product.
In addition, It is beautiful even in sushi, cooked should delicious be placed on the table to put the rice.
I think I also worked as your weight. (Because it is not a stacking specification, please note.)

Since the carry does not assume, and the lid becomes shallow lid.

"You can use as your chest, size, such as is also active as your heavy" to the craftsman's this product that is commissioned to produce as.
Since the normal size that is not made in continuous, material procurement and, on the manufacturing process, stock is not in the rare.
It will be sold only the first point that has received as a product.

Next arrival is undecided.
Since available upon reservation sales, those who wish please do not hesitate to contact us.
Once we receive consultation, and recommend checking the time of arrival, we will contact you.

● rice device (your chest)
Side plate: Kiso hinoki, lid-bottom plate: Kiso Spanish mackerel, seam of connection: bark of wild cherry tree, finish: wipe lacquer
● rice paddle
Kiso hinoki, finish: wipe lacquer

7 cun φ21cm × 10cm (capacity: Thailand rice about 2.5 to 3 Go)

[Other size]
6 cun φ18cm × 8cm (capacity: Rice about 2 Go fraction cooked)


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