【Gold Vermeil / Gemstone】 Aqua Chalcedony, White Zircon Gold Ring


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    Natural stone Aqua chalcedony, natural stone White zircon is a gold Vermeil ring quietly shining elegantly.
  • 【Gold Vermeil / Gemstone】 Aqua Chalcedony, White Zircon Gold Ring

    Gentle shade natural stone Aqua chalcedony, elegant
    Natural stone white zircon giving a quiet shine is beautiful
    It is a ring full of original tea. For bare metal
    Using Sterling Silver, 18K gold
    We have applied the coating. Gold Vermeil
    It is also recommended for those who stick to the material.

    * [Gold Vermeil / Gold Vermeil]
    Gold Vermeil is a process technology that sticks gold
    I mean that. Generally Sterling Silver
    (SV 925) and gold,
    It is a popular processing method abroad and has unique glamor
    Even in the antique world there is a classy feeling of luxury
    It has been used for Erie. Sterling base
    Compared with brass etc. because it uses silver
    There is jewelry-like luxury, you can enjoy comfortable to wear
    It is a material. In order to be recognized as Vermeil, gold
    The proportion needs to be at least K10 or more and the gold thickness is 1.5 microns
    Or more.

    ◆ 【Chalcedony】
    Chalcedony has abundant colors and has a translucent person's heart
    Gentle color to heal, with very calm energy
    It is a popular stone. I have very gentle energy
    Because it is a stone, a stone symbolizing the connection with people / serenity or
    Umbrella / Stronger tolerance and a peaceful feeling / affection
    Guidance to be able to come in contact with a nurturing and gentle touch
    It is said to be a stone with power.

    ◆ 【Zircon】
    Zircon as the oldest mineral in the world elucidates the formation of the earth
    It is said that it also contributes to. Many colors
    It is a power stone with a diamond
    Having the same index of refraction, radiance comparable to diamonds
    Has been used as a substitute for diamonds since ancient times
    It was. Jewelry words are infinite possibilities / healing / stability of mind /
    Wealth / give wisdom / honor. Make what you imagined real
    Boost for doing, and teach "infinite possibilities"
    It is said to be a stone that gives us.

    ◆ Material
    · Silver 925
    · 18K (18K coating)
    · Natural stone Aqua chalcedony (about 15 x 6 mm)
    · Natural stone white zircon (about 1 mm)
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【Gold Vermeil / Gemstone】 Aqua Chalcedony, White Zircon Gold Ring

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