Yukata cloth remake shirt (chrysanthemum do our pattern)


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  • Handmade yukata cloth remake shirt (chrysanthemum do our pattern)
    It was tailoring fine yukata of cloth in shirt
    Tastefully made you more wear you wear.
    In the summer is the perfect fit.

    ~ Size ~
    Sleeve length 45cm Length 65cm Width 94 ~ 98cm
    Sleeve length 45cm Length 68cm Width 94 ~ 108cm
    Sleeve length 46cm Length 72cm Width 94 ~ 108cm
    (Reference Model Size Height 183cm Bust 98cm waist 88cm)

    * About the size
    All our shirt is one point thing.
    Because it can not expand the size because it is manufactured in one person
    All we have to cope with us again.
    In structure shirt and structure of the normal off-the-shelf products of difference sleeve body integrated
    Even if you're of no M is switched to shoulder we become as well be wearing a person of L.
    So M will be a form to send in your fix the sleeve length dress length of L.
    S size is a re also tailoring a garment.

    Stitch is beautiful even in rugged appearance since the sewing face down folding all after Fukuronui

    Material 100% cotton button Kurochokai

    * Model of comment *
    Since the sleeve body-integrated design to fit tightly to the body.
    So is very good silhouette and beautiful to wear.
    It is also stylish yukata remake shirt! ! Amazing good looking.
    Since yukata land I think that it is one of the best pieces in the summer.
    It is the best of the handle to enjoy the summer in a stylish design.
    The dough will also be wearing cool with amazing thin.
    Is a stylish adult coat products.

    * We use the yukata cloth of a new article for the old cloth
    There is a stain, dirt, etc.. In as inconspicuous as possible is
    We tailor but not please purchase on the understanding
    But it is a wonderful design and materials to more.
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Yukata cloth remake shirt (chrysanthemum do our pattern)

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