CU 187 BL long wallet round long leather leather unisex Italian leather


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  • It becomes leather of tanner belonging to the Vegetable Tanner Association.
    1 sheet, 1 piece Finishing while giving a sense of unevenness by hand dyeing!
    There is a feeling of wrinkle etc. because it finishes in state of spinning as much as possible without using unnecessary chemicals etc, but that is the original figure. Here is beautiful glossy appearance disappears while using.

    There are things such as domestic leather Nume including chrome even Nume
    This will be completely vegetable tannin leather not containing chrome.

    Since it gives a feeling of unevenness by hand dyeing, there may be individual differences and it may look like spots
    Please contact us if you are interested.

    In addition, because coloring is also Italy it has become a beautiful thing of coloring that can come out!

    It is a popular round long. The color arrangement color is fashionable and it has become a finish because it seems to be Kuirudeson.
    There is a high-class feeling because it is becoming an elegant feel bag sewing.
    If you incorporate leather texture will be better.

    ☆ Attention ☆ There are cases where there are a lot of embroidery and a case where it is crunching.
    Those who care about please purchase after inquiries

    【Storage Details】
    Opening and Closing: Fastener Type
    Card: 14 sheets
    Purses: zipper type

    【Size (Dimension)】 Height 10.5 cm / Width 20.5 cm / Thickness 2.5 cm

    This product is finished with natural dyeing as much as possible to make the most of the texture of the texture. Therefore, there may be scratches and unevenness, but it is not a defective item, so please understand.

    Regardless of natural or synthetic materials, colors may fall due to water wet friction etc. Please purchase on your understanding.

    Although we take pictures taking as close to the actual color as possible, there is a possibility that errors may occur depending on the viewing environment of the customer. Please note.

    Since it is a real leather product, there are color unevenness and blood streaks etc. in balance with original ecological scratches, but there are no defects, so please acknowledge it beforehand, please understand.
    Production area / production method
    Design · Planning · Material Processing · Hardware · Fastener: Japan Sewing: China
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CU 187 BL long wallet round long leather leather unisex Italian leather

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