Tattooed Tenugui lotus flower


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    It is a hand towel of original design dyed carefully by hand one by one. Only one color and design in the world will mak
  • It is an original design towel which dyed one by one by hand.
    Dyeing is different little by little one by one, it is only one towel in the world.
    June lights and summer festivals, hot springs and outings,
    Please do not miss a special towel that is perfect for yukata and kimono.

    Cotton fabric uses unbleached fabrics.
    For that reason small dots like black lint are seen,
    Compared to commercial tobacco, whiteness is modest.
    It is gentle warmth white.

    The size is about 90 cm × 34 cm.
    The edge is left uncut to be dirty.
    If the thread has become frayed etc, you can cut it each time
    It is clean and can be used for a long time.

    There are only towels used since a long time ago, the comfort of use is wonderful.
    In the hot springs, washing the body, wrapping around the head and wiping the body, it is a big success.
    Even if you are going out in the summer and sucking sweat immediately, even if you get a little wet
    If you walk through bags, it will dry out of them.
    I do not take space to carry around.
    Wearing it from the head on sunny days,
    If you get wet with water and throw it well around the neck it will be cooler even on hot days.
    It is perfect for kimono accessories such as kimonos and yukata.
    Recommended for gifts and for yourself is towel.

    * I am steaming in the dyeing process and exposing it to water.
    After dyed it wash well with water,
    Color stopping processing is done so as not to fade away immediately,
    I have sent after washing.

    I think whether washing is normal, but there is a possibility of discoloration etc. in laundry detergent containing fluorescent bleach.
    I recommend hand washing as I think whether washing with soap etc. is a problem.

    Commercial use unavailable.

    We will check the inventory when sold out, so please contact us with a message.
    It can only be produced little by little for all manual work.
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Tattooed Tenugui lotus flower

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