Blouse gingham check material peplum design / le reve vaniller

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Blouse gingham check material peplum design / le reve vaniller


A gingham check blouse with a cute adult tuck color. The refreshing gingham plaid is perfect for the coming season ♡ It's smooth to the touch, so it's light and comfortable to wear. The frills on the front and back are also characteristic. The peplum design and moderate volume make the waist look slimmer. Feminine outfit even with pants ♡ A silhouette pursued so that it can be worn beautifully even in a skirt. The result is a blouse that goes well with any bottoms and is decided by one piece. <Details> ・ Tuck color design ・ Flare frills on the front and back ・ Back center fastener (same color as the main body) ・ Cuff cuffs ・ Collar and cuffs are all white ・ Two decorative buttons ・ Peplum ・ Sleeve length / short sleeve material ・ Feminine with a slightly uneven look on the fabric and a supple feeling of falling ・ Dry touch for a refreshing feeling ◎ ・ It is also a nice point that it is hard to wrinkle ・ Silhouette with a beautiful texture ・ Hand washable material at home ● Elasticity / Slightly available ● Translucency / almost none ● Thickness / Slightly thin ● Lining / None Actual size 《M size》 Height: 60 Shoulder width: 32 Bust: 92 Armhole: 22 Waist: 82 Sleeve length: 30 Cuff width: 13 Hem circumference: 140 Weight: Approximately 200g * There are individual differences ● Due to the production process and the characteristics of the material, individual differences of about 2 cm may occur. Please note that. (Excluding some small items Model size ■ Model height: 160cm ■ Model wearing size: M size material <Main body> 97% polyester 3% Spandex <Separate cloth> 100% polyester% country of origin made in China Handling Precautions <About wrinkles at the time of delivery> All the products listed on the page are pressed before shooting. Therefore, the product you send may have folding wrinkles or fine wrinkles. Please understand. <Notes on color transfer and color fading> This product should be used when it gets wet due to friction (especially when it is wet), sweat or rain. Please note that the color may transfer to other clothing and underwear. In addition, it may be transferred during washing, so it is recommended to wash it separately from other items. <Notes on washing> ・ Use the net ・ Prohibition of use of fluorescent whitening agent ・ Please wash alone. ・ Use cloth ・ Fastener part ironing prohibited -If you hook it on a sharp or rough object, the thread may pop out. Please be careful about accessories, belts, bags, etc. ・ Dark colors may transfer due to wet friction. Please be careful about friction in wet conditions such as rain and sweat, combination with other clothing, and belongings such as bags. ● It depends on the individual. ● If strong force is applied, problems such as seams opening may occur. be careful. ● When you get wet with rain or sweat, the color may transfer to other clothing (especially white goods), so please be careful about colored products. ● The odor of dyes and processed products may adhere to the product. If you are concerned about the odor, we would appreciate it if you could dry it in a well-ventilated and shaded place. When handling, please be careful after checking the handling picture display.


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Blouse gingham check material peplum design / le reve vaniller


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