[For gifts! Aroma candles, ylang-ylang & citrus blends, nuts] Christmas BOTANICAL BOTTLE

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[For gifts! Aroma candles, ylang-ylang & citrus blends, nuts] Christmas BOTANICAL BOTTLE


◎It can be used not only as an interior, but also in various scenes such as lighting for healing and reading. Enjoy the creation of candles, the scent, the sound, and the harmony of light. ◎BOTANICAL TYPE・・・ tree nut/ The design is arranged using the nuts of different colors such as red and gold. The scent is ylang ylang essential oil accented with a refreshing citrus essential oil blend. It's a perfect gift for the fall and winter season! ◎We use only natural essential oils for scenting and scent it firmly. The scent will change mildly over the long term with the top, middle and base scents. We hope you will enjoy the nuance changes caused by the use of natural essential oils. ◎MATERIAL Medicine bottle, gel wax, flower material, essential oil, wooden core, washer ◎ SIZE φ5.5 x 11.5 cm ◎ Burning time About 30h ◎About gifts ・Nicori's original gift wrapping is available for a fee. ・Please use it as a gift for loved ones. -In addition to the candle itself, the gift packing will also include an instruction manual and a shop card with nicori contact information. ・The delivery note will not be enclosed, so please feel free to use it as a gift for loved ones. ◎About delivery note ・The delivery note will be enclosed only when necessary. Please fill in the message "Request for delivery note". ◎ About shipping method -Although all shipping methods will be packed as well, in the unlikely event that it is damaged, please kindly contact us with a photo attached. We will replace it as soon as it is confirmed. ・For non-standard-sized mail, we cannot handle mail accidents such as loss. If you are worried, please choose Yamato flight. Thank you for your understanding. ☆ The arrangement of the plants in the gel candle is made in the same way as possible, but there are cases where slight individual differences may occur because they are all done by hand. Thank you for your understanding. ☆ Since the medicine bottles used are antique-like, air bubbles and fine scratches will inevitably occur during manufacturing. Of course, there is no problem in normal use. Thank you for your understanding. ☆ After a long time, the gel may have an antique turbidity, but there is no problem with using candles. Thank you for your understanding.


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Nicori's original aroma candle, scented with 100% essential oil taken from plants. I packed botanical gifts in a medicine bottle. When you open the lid, a soft and pleasant scent will spread. A wooden core is used for the core, and when it is lit, the crackling sound of the tree sounds.


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