Ori short wallet #black

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Ori short wallet #black


A non-sewing wallet that does not use a sewing machine. One piece of leather (vegetable tannin smooth leather) is used and can be used for a long time without losing tears. The bracket uses small parts only in the coin purse. * About 10 to 12 cards can be inserted into the card pocket. * About 20 to 30 bills can be entered. * Since it is a long wallet specification, it can be inserted without breaking the bill and can contain a lot of coins. * Opening and closing specifications are magnetic buttons ◇ Other options ◇ A non-sewing wallet that does not use a sewing machine. We use a thick single piece of leather, you can use it while enjoying the process of accustoming the leather without tearing and aging. -Characteristic- * About 5 to 7 cards are placed in the central pocket, and about 2 cards (frequently used cards, etc.) are placed on the coin purse. * The bill can be folded up from a thousand-yen bill to a 10,000-yen bill up to about 20 cards. (Even if you are not familiar with folding at first, unlike ordinary bi-fold wallets, you can take in and out without changing the direction of your wallet, so you don't feel it difficult to use.) * The coin purse opens easily, so it is easy to put in and out. * The open / close specification is a hook button that closes securely. (Different from long wallet) -specification- ・ Color: Black ・ Fitting color: Silver (plating) ・ Size: Width: about 11.5cm, length: about 10cm, thickness: around 3cm (excluding belt part) ・ Material: Cowhide ・ Weight: around 100g -important point- ・ Depending on the viewing environment, the actual color may differ slightly from the photo. ・ Because it is genuine leather, it is easy to have color transfer and stains. ・ Returns will be accepted after confirmation of the condition of the product if it is unused within one week. -For repairs, repairs will be free of charge if they occur during the process of use.


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