French goat leather card 16 sheets storage long wallet rectangle terra cotta

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I am using a full tanning goat (goat leather) of a French luxury long-established firm Tanner "ALRAN ALLAN" co


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French goat leather card 16 sheets storage long wallet rectangle terra cotta


□ Material: Leather - Leather top grade leather (made by Arran Ltd. France) Medium Leather - Domestic Leather Naka Leather Nume Leather □ Size: T100 × W190 × D25 mm (Please allow some errors) □ Leather: Soft texture familiar to hands, distinctive grain pattern, leather with natural unevenness and transparency with dye dyeing. □ Color: terra cotta, turquoise [Sharp design's base is point, large-capacity long wallet] It is a long wallet that folds open wide. Card pocket is 16 pockets in sideways fashion. Recommended for those who want to have many cards. Many bidders, you can put bills separately like images. A passbook also enters (one of the size of the standard of a major bank such as Yucho Bank). Two middle pockets can be used as a coin purse. Since we are designing at a height where small change does not fall, there is no worry that small change will fall even if you invert it if you close the mouthpiece. There is amazing storage capacity, but it is like a magical wallet that is gathered cleanly. 【Things that you would like people to know about leather wearing leather goods】 Even if you say "genuine leather" bitefully, do you know that there are things that can taste aging or not? Genuine leather can be roughly divided into two types. "Chrome tanned leather" and "Plant tannin tanned leather (Nume leather)". "Plant tannin tanned leather" Leather tanned using astringency of plants is called "Nume leather". Nume leather tanning is an ancient process. The finish that keeps the texture of the raw skin, the surface is easily affected by innate scars and blood traces, the softness also varies depending on the part. Cost is also high because it is finished with natural materials for a long time, and it is difficult to say that it is a stable material, but changes such as gloss change due to wearing and appearance of increasing the depth of color tone such as "aging" It is a leather that you can enjoy. In other words, "Nume leather" is not perfect when you get it, I think you can say that the attachment increases over time. What you are asking for materials of leather, does not it mean "long lasting material"? "Because you have leather goods at a great price, I'd like you to choose leather that you can taste change by using it long." From that idea, KALEIDOSCOPE chose "Nume leather" as a material. 【If you are looking for intact leather products, please refrain from purchasing】 Because it is natural leather, there are inherent scars and unevenness. Although it avoids big scratches, please understand some small scratches. The appearance of scratches and scratches unevenness are different one by one. It is worrisome if you catch it as "scratch", this is also the proof that this leather was alive, "the only pattern". 【The base is used for foreign spirits】 Although it is slight, there are threads and small scratches. If you are interested please refrain from purchasing. 【KALEIDOSCOPE, commitment in production】 As much as possible by hand. The work of KALEIDOSCOPE sticks to "making it by hand cutting with the leather kitchen knife that I sharpened as much as possible". I also produce paper patterns on thick paper and hand cutting. I would be happy if you feel a piece of hand-made feeling. Production area / production method Origin: Japan handmade (imported Italian luxury leather into Japan, designed and produced by Japanese craftsmen)


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