Iron kettle round, hollow chord 1.2L

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Iron kettle round, hollow chord 1.2L


iron kettle. It is quite often perceived as a high hurdle, but to tell from the fact that I felt at first tried to actually use. ● hot water is now clearly mellow delicious First taste of the hot water to become the most care. In iron kettle, because it is not a teapot, you use when you boil the water. Well, it is said to be "mellow," but, now soft enough to be clearly felt. That's your plain hot water is particularly easy to understand. So that the handling becomes easy, but there are medium others are enamel processing, Pint! In what to introduce, of course, is all iron itself. Reduce the variety of materials and chlorine content in the water, including easy to absorb iron in the body. Women also often referred to as iron deficiency around but, in the diet, iron seems quite difficult to ingestion. Rather than such as supplicant, is it easy and natural to be supplemented with the usual water and hot water. ● Dealing with the iron kettle is simple When I actually use, the rule is no so much more, that simple and I understand. Big is two. 1. That the contents in the sky fill up Once boil water When you boil water, let's use up. Boil only the amount, transferred to the pot, and discard the little remaining hot water ,,, to use up If the it was hot iron kettle in the sky, also dry evaporate quickly in hot water medium in the residual heat. If the medium has gone cold, it is OK if caused to evaporate over the little fire discard the water. 2. Do not wash the middle, do not touch You use to boil water, you do not need to wash. Also, please do not even touch the inside. There several convex-outs on the inner bottom surface, but you will care, because this is what you can be sure on the process, please be sure you gently. For more details, but there are also described in the instruction manual that came with the product, so I think I do not know many points, please feel free to contact us at any time. ● I feel the heat and water (hot water) Fire hit the iron, heat the water wrapped in iron changes to hot water through. Just before boiling the beginning stood the sound of water, listening to the soft and hard, friendly strong sound out sound from the iron kettle, Look at the steam discharged from the black body, you have while walnut in cloth hot chord. As the film is stretched in the boiler scale in order to use, it is attracted much also a place called will become stronger. Such here of iron kettle is, Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata casting. Yamagata casting of features can be found in the thin make compared to other production areas. Wall thickness is called about 3mm. While material that iron, technology to thin to make in order to lightly easy to use is so he has developed. Is produced only in the iron, both internal external, lacquer baked finish. It is a real iron kettle. By the way, in but it depends on locality and craftsmen, many also iron kettle that machine process half, All craftsmen Pint! Has been commissioned to produce the manual. For this reason, the production volume is very low, production is not followed by a situation that is not at all caught up, can not be mass-produced. Care and, next time will be in stock or the like at the time of a missing item, please feel free to contact us. [Material] Iron (baked lacquer finish) 【capacity】 1.2L 【weight】 About 1.3kg [Size] approximate size. Respectively the longest part (Except Note mouth) body diameter: 13.5cm Note mouth up, including length: 14.5cm Body height: height, including up to 10cm strings: 18cm [Other types of] Iron kettle hexagon 1.2L Iron kettle Phoenix 1.5L Iron kettle Hail-round 1.2L


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