Pen Case Italian Leather Black

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It is a rounded leather pen case. Since the fastener opens to the root, you can store a lot.


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Pen Case Italian Leather Black


Once you use it, you can not release it Beautiful pen case with one hand size and large capacity ● Form with gentle rounded items It is a leather pen case with a gentle atmosphere with a rounded pen case as a whole. Leather used is Italian leather "Elbamat". With a lot of moist and moist texture, gloss comes out and you can enjoy secular change while using. ● Store more than you imagined The size of this pen case is good enough to fit in one hand. However, when I actually store the pen ...... · Three pencil pens · 8 ballpoint pens · 1 cutter knife · 1 ruler · One correction pen · 1 eraser · 1 correcting tape Large capacity size that can store only this one. The secret is ...... Fastener that firmly opens up to the root. When it is fully opened, it opens widely in the middle, so it's easy to see and easy to remove. ● I am particular about details The tip of the leather has a border line called "decorative twist". I put an elegant atmosphere by putting in this line. Then, after polishing the cut surface of the leather, it will coat twice with the pigment of the same color as the leather. After that, fix the pigment with a special polish bar and polish it. ● Thread color is two colors You can choose the color of the thread from two colors. ○ Leather: black fastener · thread: black ○ leather: black fastener · thread: gray (※ out of stock) ● Environmentally friendly leather Leather used for pen case is "Italian leather" Elbamat ". This leather is produced in the Tuscan region of Italy, it is an orthodox leather whose history and tradition are alive. Without using any chemical substances prohibited by law, it is leather produced with vegetable matter called tannin. The tag of "Italian vegetable tannin leather society" to prove it is attached. ● Customer's Voice Customers who actually bought this type of pen case have received such a voice. Mr.H Thank you for this beautiful work this time. I came to a milestone in my life and was looking for a memorial item. I'd like to take this pen case and move on to the next step. I would like to use it carefully. Thank you very much. Mrs.A I received a very beautiful work. The size is moderate, it is solid and it seems to be active at work. I will cherish it carefully. Thank you very much. Do not step up with pen case towards a milestone in life or a new year like H - sama? If you are a favorite pen case, you will be motivated to upgrade and your job and study will be more confident. Friendly rounded shape and fine leather without getting tired. From the moment you get it, it will be an item that will bring your lifestyle together. Size: (approx) length 190 mm × width 50 mm × height 58 mm Material: Cow Leather (Italian), Zipper (Black Nickel) ※ The monitor screen and the real thing may look slightly different in color.


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