[Order production briefly sealed pendant / Standard Dreamblue (turquoise blue)

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[Order production briefly sealed pendant / Standard Dreamblue (turquoise blue)


Octahedral pendant that can be Memorial inclusion in your hands. To mass production type octahedral "Standard Dreamblue", is a memorial pendant type, fitted with a "screw filling port" of La form original. The following "important things of memories" small you can use with enclosed in a glass in your hand what 5mm. Color You can choose from 10 colors. Size can not be changed in a vertical 35mm. Work ID: 2176 / American glass / about 35 × 15 discount by × 13mm / blue-green / ★ number (multiple simultaneous purchase benefits) Yes. Memorial enclosed bracket "screw filling port" processing fee is excluded. ※ system on the discount is limited to orders from the head office. ⇒ "Dreamblue" series (octahedral) is, Migakikon before to have a luster and shine like from shaping in the sense of the hands of the mirror all aspects of our craftsmen, gem spent lavishly time and effort is. ⇒ For details, see head office, such as "multiple simultaneous purchase privilege" by the "Standard Dreamblue" specification and arrangements example, the number of series. And pendants that will put one of Ruth to the normal one of the bracket, but we assume that you use as an example, 10 colors of power stone, you can arrange to any accessories in combination several, please feel free to contact us. We will quote each point if you like the processing cost is applied. In addition it is also supports large orders. ⇒ work of "simple inclusion" specification is the La form original "screw filling port", dedicated driver included. The "memories and happiness and many" thank you "in your hands. "The Memorial sealed familiar to the more easily. ⇒ color and shape, is If you would like to purchase to change size and other images to your specifications, please let us know what you would like. We will quote along to hope. ⇒ Introduction and of "Raforumu", for such orders production, delivery, deliver, please refer to the page of "profile". Rainy season handmade 2016


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