Keeling of Bubbles chimpanzee [vita]

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Keeling of Bubbles chimpanzee [vita]


BABURUSU CHINPANJII no Key Ring Monkey from ancient times, from what has been a messenger of God to protect the northeast, "The evil pay" is a lucky animal, From the fact that live in packs in a group It is also said to be lucky animal of "home improvement luck". But is the famous story of "Momotaro" has took the monkey to accompany the demon extermination of the old story, that the opposite direction of the Tiger (Tiger) close to Ushitora (Ushitora) of northeast orientation becomes monkey (monkey) there seems to have originated in. Of course, for those who chimpanzee likes, will be monkey year recommended a key ring for those who of. ◆ Material: brass Matte finish ◆ Dimensions: length of about 44 × side about 25 × thickness of about 11 (mm) ※ including dual ring Bubbles only vertical about 23 × side about 13.5 × thickness of about 11 (mm) ※ ◆ Weight: about 6.0g (including Keeling) ◆ deliver only: will be about two weeks after a payment check. ※ This item is, and with an emphasis on design, pointed part of the tip, there is a part that is a sharp enough so please be careful. Also, Please note that it may be deformed and will add excessive force. ※ thank you enough so that you please confirm the "size" and "material" in the work before you buy. ※ In the real on the screen may look different colors. If you have any questions, please contact us. **Notes at the time of purchase** [Quality] All of the products of DaDa, we do not put material notation (such as silver). This is because, rather than worth the notation of the material, because we believe that there is a value to the work itself. The quality, and with confidence, we have put a complimentary quality assurance to all products that accustomed to your purchase. ※ This item is, and with an emphasis on design, pointed part of the tip, there is a part that is a sharp enough so please be careful. Also, Please note it may be deformed and will add excessive force. Features of brass] Brass, because there is a property of Dari dark Dari dull reacts with components in the air, scratches and going carved out safe use, such as the so enjoy carefully texture of color the changing in antique gold , the brass of properties, are manufactured believe that taste with the material. About brass of care] Since brass is vulnerable to moisture and salt, advanced oxidation and sulfide of a long period of time left to leave the metal surface without care, because the blue-green of the rust that the patina may occur, to be used for a long time when not shall, from wipe off the moisture and dirt with a soft cloth, moisture is less breathable good We recommend that you stored in the stomach location. In the case of dullness and discoloration is a concern, when you will be polished by using a commercially available brass polish, you can take, such as dullness and blackheads. Texture of Changing color is the one of the brass of the charm, but I think you'll enjoy it to be in the texture of their favorite by being the care from time to time. In DaDa, in order for you to patronize the products with confidence after become a purchase, we have taken a free quality assurance. Product of DaDa is, if it is possible to carefully deal, you can also get your forever. To that end, please do not hesitate to contact us so we have been the after-care after the purchase.


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