【SS size】 kimono fabric × gold beads ~ CIRCLE HAIR ELASTIC

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【SS size】 kimono fabric × gold beads ~ CIRCLE HAIR ELASTIC


"CIRCLE HAIR ELASTIC [SS size]" ::::: kimono fabric × gold beads ::::: /////////////////////////////////////////////////// It is a hair rubber combining a soft color shiny tree and fabric. It is simple, but there is a presence, Just tie up roughly to accent the hair style. Please also enjoy secular change as whitish cina trees gradually become fox color. Adjust to the color of clothes, use it as a fade color, It adds a little color to the usual style. //////////////////////////////////////////////////// ▽ ▽ <Color> Kimono fabric × gold beads It is a hair rubber that used silk precious kimono fabric that was elegantly gathered up with calm tones even though various color threads were woven. In the wood part, gold beads were framed and complemented with attractive textiles. <Print> In the center of the fabric, we printed the word "BONHEUR" (Bonheur), one by one with silk screen handprints. The meaning is "happiness" in French. A little three-dimensional feeling of the fabric is packed with cotton and happiness. <Size> Ss: Outer circle diameter about 4.5 cm ▷ It is easy to arrange with a small size. The number of beads does not change with those of large size, there is a tight presence. Not to mention one knot, of course, it is easier to use at the end of the braid and also for partial knotting. <Material> Cloth: silk 100% Resin beads, Shin plywood ▽ ▽ * Beads sew a small hole one by one in a tree, sewing through transparent tegus. * Fabric portion finished in a dome shape which becomes three dimensional only a little towards the center. * Since printed cloths are hand-printed, cut, and sewn, we will have some differences in the way out and position of the handle. As a taste of silk screen print, I hope you can use it as one point of yourself again. ※ This item is currently in stock, but also sold at different stores, if by any chance it is sold out due to misplaced orders or will be out of stock or production. (Production period 3 to 8 days) Sorry, Please note. ※ Since we have produced everything by hand, please understand as a single point the color and shape are slightly different for each work. * The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us. Production place / Production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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