Bamboo chopsticks Shiratake 18cm (for children)


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  • (18cm is the top of the photo)

    Thin chopsticks that take advantage of the supple strength of bamboo.

    Bamboo chopsticks by taking advantage of bamboo with a good simple in Kyoto.

    Thin up here, beautiful form of chopsticks can not be found easily.
    Is a square shape, but as Going to chopsticks, to a fine of as difficult a tree.

    Bamboo unique suppleness, is the chopsticks that take advantage of the strength.

    Of course, even in the material of bamboo, to make while maintaining a balance of this fine and shape requires skills and experience of skilled craftsmen.

    Chopsticks destination is thin, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine.
    Have easy, also features the chopsticks Tsukai looks beautiful and clean.
    It voices that easy to take the food.

    Quite, to find a favorite of chopsticks, but is difficult, use every day.
    Easy to use, beautiful bamboo chopsticks is Why.


    [Paint finish]
    No coating

    [With respect to handling]
    - Soaking wash Please avoid.
    · After use, wash, please wipe your moisture with a dish towel.

    Here, we use the white bamboo without the clause.
    Besides, as it is arranged heaven clause the section, there are various kinds of no section.

    [Other bamboo chopsticks lineup]
    Sorry to trouble you, please refer to the PInt! Item list.

    ● Size
    18cm (Shiratake-painted without only)

    ● type of bamboo
    No section Shiratake
    No section smoked bamboo
    There clause (heaven clause, the middle section)

    ● paint finish
    No coating
    Lacquered (without all nodes)
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Bamboo chopsticks Shiratake 18cm (for children)

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