Indigo sheeting V-neck T shirt with aging blue leather patch [M size]

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Indigo sheeting V-neck T shirt with aging blue leather patch [M size]


Indigo India V-neck T shirt [M size] will be. Because it is indigo stain, the color changes tastefully every time you wash it. We attached a cowhide patch to a simple V - neck T - shirt with a single point. Since it is leather that can be washed, you can wash it in the washing machine as it is. In the beginning, the dark brown leather patch which is swallowed deep blue, In the blue color that is changing and washing, the presence will gradually increase. I hope you enjoy having such aging ♪ Reinforcement of the rear collar with a common cloth, Koba stitch to the front collar, Since the stretch stop is stitched on the shoulder, it is difficult for the shape to collapse, I think that you can wear it for a long time. Since BIO washing is done at first, there is little dimensional change at washing. Material: 100% cotton Leather part: cowhide S size: Width 45 cm Shoulder 40 cm Length 60 cm Sleeve length 19 cm M size: Width 49cm Shoulder width 42cm Length 63cm Sleeve length 20cm It is S · M 2 size expansion with original pattern. The photograph is 165 cm in man and 162 cm in female, both wearing M size. Please acknowledge some dimensional error. Please check here because it will be a M size purchase page. Below, it becomes caution of handling. Although it may be difficult, I think that you think that it is the same as jeans. Almost the same thing is stated in the product of Indigo dyed which is generally distributed. This product is Indigo dyed. Other products have a natural texture that you can not taste and you can enjoy a unique color change change as you wash it. Please handle the following points carefully when handling. Color may adhere to other clothing etc. by wearing ※. * Please be careful as color shifts to pale color belt and back due to friction. * We recommend that you wear underwears of similar colors. ※ Because it will fade, please do not wash with other things. * Especially pale colored products may be yellowed due to ultraviolet rays and humidity, but they can be removed easily by lightly washing with water. Please note that this material may transfer color to other clothing or underwear when it gets wet with friction (especially this friction in wet condition) or sweat or rain etc. <Notes on washing> ※ When washing, please do not wash with other things. ※ Please do not overlap with other laundry in wet condition. ※ Please do not use detergent with bleach and bleach. ※ Adjustment of light at the time of shooting · Depending on your PC screen environment etc., There is a thing that the image and the actual color are somewhat different.


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