【14 KGF / Siver 925】 Ear Thread Earrings - Elegant Filigree -


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    It is delicate and elegant pierced with Silver 925 with 24K gold coating.
  • 【14 KGF / Siver 925】 Ear Thread Earrings - Elegant Filigree -

    Elegant with Silver 925 with 24K gold coating,
    And looks delicately Filigree in various attire
    I treated it as simple and high quality 14 KGF American earrings.
    14K beautiful shine and delicate filigree quietly and elegantly at the ear
    Shaking, I feel a dignified atmosphere 14 KGF earrings.

    Various in the length adjustment of American earring chain
    You can also enjoy the atmosphere. Filigree material,
    Since it is a Silver 925 / 24K coating
    It is also recommended for those who adhere to the material pierced.

    (* For wearing images, a general female ear size ears mannequin
    We are using. Please check the size feel)

    After fabrication cleaning, oxidation / discoloration inhibitor processing
    Doing. Metallergic reaction in this process
    We have received many pleasant voices from customers who do not wake up.

    ◆ Material
    · 14KGF (Pierce metal fittings / metal fittings)
    · Elegant Filigree / Silver 925 <24K coating> (about 28 x 14.5 mm)

    ◆ Size: Length of about 12 cm

    ■ This 14KGF earrings are also gentle to the skin derived from plant ingredients
    We have applied "oxidation / discoloration prevention" coating agent.
    In addition, the 14 KGF pierced chain is made of 14 KGF material for "oxidation / discoloration prevention"
    "20K (carat) gold coating is given.

    Production area / production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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【14 KGF / Siver 925】 Ear Thread Earrings - Elegant Filigree -

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